LPBW star Amy Roloff explains why she chose to hyphenate her married name

Amy Roloff-Marek and Chris Marek of LPBW
Amy chose to keep Roloff in her surname and explained why to her followers. Pic credit: @amyjroloff/Instagram

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff revealed that she chose to hyphenate her married name and explained why to her fans.

LPBW viewers have been curious whether Amy Roloff chose to take her husband Chris Marek’s surname ever since they tied the knot last August.

Amy has identified as Amy Roloff professionally, even following her divorce from Matt Roloff in 2016. This is often common practice, often by those in the public eye whose fans are familiar with a certain name, and also for legal reasons, as it involves lot of time and work to change one’s name legally.

During a recent Instagram Live with her BFF Lisa, Amy addressed questions from curious LPBW viewers.

One question that pops up quite a bit in comments on social media is whether Amy chose to take on Chris’ surname when they got married.

So it wasn’t surprising when Amy addressed the topic during her live chat.

Amy Roloff explains to LPBW viewers why she doesn’t use her married surname Marek

“Another question that I get a lot is a lot of people are saying, ‘Why doesn’t she use her married name?’ and you know, stuff like that,” Amy began. “I responded to a comment. I said I use my married name when it comes to legal stuff, or bank and personal business and all that stuff. It’s Amy J. Roloff-Marek.”

Amy wants to stay ‘associated’ with her grandkids who share the name Roloff

Next, Amy explained why she chose to keep Roloff in her surname: “All of my kids are Roloff. My grandkids will be a Roloff until they marry or whatever it is. Roloff [was] my married name when I had all my kids and grandkids.”

“I wanna still be associated and tied [to them] so that later on, these kids will still, you know, feel like they’re connected. So legally, my name is Amy J. Roloff-Marek,” Amy said.

Amy said that she ran the notion by Chris – who LPBW viewers recently nominated as the “best person” on the show – and he was very accepting of whatever she chose.

“I asked Chris, we talked about it… he goes, ‘Amy, you do whatever you want. It doesn’t matter to me,'” Amy shared.

It makes sense that Amy would capitalize on her former name, Roloff, when it comes to her business ventures, as it’s how her fans have come to know her over the last 16 years since LPBW first aired on TLC. The Roloff name has become a household name for many TLC viewers over the years, thanks to the show’s longstanding success.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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Lori Lee
Lori Lee
10 months ago

My divorced mother kept her married name. She has kids and Grandkids