LPBW Spoilers: Amy Roloff goes wedding dress shopping with her BFFs, says it’s ‘awfully daunting’

Amy Roloff of LPBW
Amy Roloff goes wedding dress shopping on this week’s episode of LPBW. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Roloff is tying the knot with fiance Chris Marek in less than a month, and on this week’s episode of Little People, Big World, she went wedding dress shopping with her best friends.

Tonight’s episode of LPBW shows Amy and her best friends, Lisa and Deb, shopping for wedding dresses at Charlotte’s Weddings & More in Portland, Oregon.

When the trio arrived at Charlotte’s, Lisa had Amy wear a tiara that read, “Bride” and a sash that said, “Bride to be,” as she tried on gowns.

Amy Roloff found wedding dress shopping ‘awfully daunting’

“Okay, this still just feels so weird, you guys, you know?” Amy said to her friends as Lisa helped put on the tiara and the sash, while Deb took photos.

Amy, Lisa and Deb wasted no time hitting the racks of dresses and finding ones for Amy to try on. But although there were tons of gowns from which to choose, Amy found the process “daunting.”

“Picking out a wedding dress is awfully daunting. Every bride, you know, I think whether young or old, or, you know, wants to feel good in a dress … wants to, you know, be the star of the event, of course,” Amy confessed during her solo interview.

“I look at a lot of the styles and a lot of them would not work on me, being a little person. I don’t like a really skin-tight dress, but I also don’t like one that’s so billowing, because [little people] have such a short body and short legs and arms,” Amy explained about the trouble finding a gown to fit properly.

amy roloff tried on wedding dresses on lpbw on tlc
Amy Roloff wore a tiara and a sash to try on wedding dresses. Pic credit: TLC

Amy’s BFFs Lisa and Deb came along for support and suggestions

Amy tried on her first dress option, and when she came out from the dressing room, Lisa and Deb were impressed. The dress looked beautiful on Amy, but she had some reservations about how it fit.

Luckily, Lisa and Deb were there to not only offer their support but also to give Amy two more sets of eyes to point out things she may not see herself.

“The good thing about having Lisa and Deb here is that they do see other different styles that they think may look good on me. Even though I had never thought of that, you never know, ” Amy told the cameras from inside the bridal shop.

Amy’s goal was to find a dress that “fits Amy,” not that “Amy is trying to fit into a dress.” Amy tried on four dresses, and each one of them impressed Lisa and Deb, making Amy’s decision even harder.

amy and matt roloff of lpbw on their wedding day in 1987
Amy and Matt on their wedding day in 1987. Pic credit: TLC

According to an old wives tale, a husband seeing his wife’s dress before the wedding is considered bad luck. So when Lisa asked Amy if she planned on letting Chris see her dress before they tied the knot, Amy decided to stick with tradition and answered, “Right now, I’m still saying no.”

Will Amy and Chris’s wedding be filmed for LPBW?

The countdown to Amy and Chris’s wedding is officially on — with less than one month until their nuptials, the couple has been putting the finishing touches on their wedding plans.

LPBW fans will certainly be looking forward to Amy and Chris’s wedding, which Zach and Tori strongly suggested will be filmed for the show.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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