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LPBW: Amy Roloff declares her love for Chris Marek, says ‘The big day is almost here’

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek of LPBW
Amy Roloff gushed over her fiance Chris Marek with less than a month until their wedding day. Pic credit: TLC

The countdown is on! Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World gushed over her soon-to-be husband, Chris Marek, with less than a month until their wedding day.

Amy is feeling the excitement now of her impending wedding to Chris, with fewer than 30 days until they tie the knot on Roloff Farms.

The 56-year-old bride-to-be took to her Instagram account to pay tribute to her future husband in a sweet post.

Amy Roloff’s wedding day is almost here

“The BIG day is almost here,” Amy told her 1.3 million followers, “[In] 28 days I’ll marry my love, my friend, my partner,” she continued.

Amy included a sweet pic of herself and Chris in a field. Chris knelt on the ground and put his arms around Amy’s waist, who stood in front of him and held Chris’s hands with her own. Amy wore a black dress and a denim jacket in the gorgeous photo.

Amy went on to name all of the things she’s looking forward to doing together, as husband and wife, when she and Chris get married on August 28.

“The one I’ll start and end my day with. Hold hands, kiss and hug. The one I get to have coffee with, talk to and have those conversations that are easy and hard, take rides and travel with, share faith, hopes and dreams with and live life together.”

“In 28 days I’m blessed to get to say I Do. ? I love you Chris Marek♥️” Amy concluded her post.

Amy and Chris’s wedding planning plays out on LPBW

Amy and Chris’s wedding planning efforts have been a major storyline this season on LPBW. When it comes to wedding planning, Amy thinks Chris “doesn’t get it.”

Things got tense between the couple when they were getting some finishing touches put on their wedding plans. The topic of wedding favors was one on which Amy and Chris disagreed, and it had Amy feeling “shaken up.” And fans thought Amy’s idea for hand-painted rocks as wedding favors was “tacky.”

One area of their wedding planning that Amy and Chris were able to agree on was their venue: Roloff Farms. After careful consideration of her ex-husband Matt Roloff’s offer, Amy eventually decided on the farm as her wedding locale.

But although Matt and Amy have worked on smoothing things over for the sake of their kids and grandkids, it doesn’t mean they’ll fully reconcile any time soon. In fact, both exes are fine with the fact that Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, won’t be attending Amy and Chris’s wedding.

When it comes to staying far away from the farm on August 28, Matt said that he and Caryn, “Don’t need that complication.”

And Amy said this season that although her and Matt’s relationship has improved, they’re “nowhere near” a place in their relationship where she would want him at her wedding.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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