LPBW: Molly Roloff seen in rare pic visiting brother Zach Roloff and wife Tori for a ‘perfect afternoon’

Molly Zach and Tori Roloff of LPBW
Molly Roloff paid Zach and Tori Roloff of LPBW a visit over the weekend. Pic credit: TLC

Molly Roloff, former Little People, Big World Star, enjoyed a “perfect afternoon” with her brother Zach and his wife Tori over the weekend.

The Roloffs’ only daughter, Molly, no longer films for the show and rarely makes public appearances.

On Sunday, Tori Roloff shared a pic in her Instagram stories that included her sister-in-law, Molly, 27.

Tori’s pic included herself and husband Zach Roloff, along with Molly and her husband, Joel Silvius.

Molly joined Zach and Tori for wine tasting

The group stopped to snap a pic while wine tasting at a winery nearby, Stoller Family Estate in Portland, Oregon.

In the pic, Zach stood in front of the rest of the group, everyone smiling big for the camera and Tori added the text, “PERFECT afternoon! ?”

Tori Roloff of LPBW on Instagram
Molly Roloff and her husband Joel visited enjoyed a “perfect” afternoon with Zach and Tori Roloff. Pic credit: @toriroloff/Instagram

Molly visits the Roloffs often despite the distance

Molly and her husband Joel live in Spokane, Washington, a nearly six-hour-long car ride from Roloff Farms in Hillsboro, Oregon.

But the distance doesn’t stop Molly from visiting with her family. While she was in town, she also met up with her dad, Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn for brunch.

Molly stepped away from the cameras several years ago to live a quiet life with Joel. The couple married on the farm in 2017 and bought a home in Spokane in 2019.

Matt and Molly Roloff of LPBW on TLC
Matt Roloff with his daughter, Molly, on her wedding day in 2017 at Roloff Farms. Pic credit: TLC

Molly’s mom, Amy, shared some throwback pics of Molly in a Mother’s Day post earlier this year. Molly is the Roloff’s only daughter, and joins older twin brothers, Jeremy and Zach, and younger brother Jacob.

Back in April, Matt shared a pic of his entire family, including Molly alongside her parents, her siblings, her nieces and nephews, mom Amy’s fiance Chris Marek, and dad’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

Molly also gave her niece Ember a piggyback ride and held her other niece, Lilah on her lap. Matt captioned the photo, “Wait?? What?? My clan all together enjoying the first annual April Sunny Day [Roloff] family farm BBQ[.]”

Molly will surely be back at the farm again this August, when her mom ties the knot with her fiance Chris. In this week’s episode, the couple officially revealed that their wedding date is August 28, 2021.

Fans are eagerly waiting to find out Amy and Chris’ venue after Matt offered them the farm. Do you think Amy and Chris will get married at Roloff Farms?

The only way to find out is to wait and see. In the meantime, fans can catch up on Amy’s wedding planning on the rest of this season.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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