LPBW: Matt Roloff says ‘Life on the farm is gonna change forever’ in Season 23 sneak peek

LPBW's Matt Roloff
Matt Roloff teased some major changes coming to Roloff Farms in a Season 23 teaser. Pic credit: TLC

Matt Roloff and his son Zach face some serious tension in a new preview from Season 23 of Little People, Big World.

The upcoming season of LPBW promises lots of entertainment, including plenty of highs and lows.

In a new preview, several quick glimpses from this season tease some lighthearted moments between Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler as well as Amy Roloff and her husband, Chris Marek.

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Season 23 of LPBW teases ‘tension’ between Matt and Zach Roloff

But along with the promise of good times comes some not-so-happy times for the Roloff family. In one clip, Zach tells the camera during a confessional, “The temperature’s still pretty high between my dad and me and Caryn.”

Next, Matt adds, “After the farm deal fell apart, there’s been some tension between us.”

As Zach and Tori sat with Matt and Caryn outside at a park, they decided to leave early in the uncomfortable scene. Tori added, “I was extremely uncomfortable. I just didn’t want to be there, like, at all.”

Matt Roloff has plans that would change life on the farm ‘forever’

Later in the clip, Matt talked about the future of Roloff Farms. “I think going back and forth about exactly what to do with the north side of the farm. This process has been filled with some emotions and angst. But now, I’ve got this new plan. If it plays out the way that I hope it does, you know, I think life on the farm is going to change forever.”

“If the kids decide they want to hate me for this, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Aside from the future of the farm, this season will also follow Tori’s pregnancy as she and Zach prepare to welcome their third child, who will join brother Jackson and sister Lilah.

For another interesting twist, Amy and Chris received a gift basket from Matt and Caryn containing two airline tickets to Arizona. Amy and Chris can be seen preparing to travel with Matt and Caryn, with Amy showing plenty of apprehension as Chris reassures her that “it’s going to be fun.”

With Amy moving off the farm and none of the Roloff children showing any interest in living there, the future of Roloff Farms is up in the air. LPBW fans will have to tune in next month to find out what exactly Matt has in store for Roloff Farms.

Little People, Big World returns for Season 23 on May 17 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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