Matt Roloff hopes fans ‘have learned a little something about little people’ watching LPBW ahead of Season 23

LPBW patriarch Matt Roloff
Matt Roloff hopes that Little People, Big World has taught viewers something about little people. Pic credit: Matt Roloff/YouTube

Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff hopes that viewers have learned “a little something about little people” from watching the long-running show.

LPBW will mark its 23rd season on the air next month when it returns to TLC, as previously reported by Monsters & Critics.

After 16 years on reality TV, LPBW star Matt Roloff has learned a lot about being in the public eye and now he’s hoping that his viewers have learned something about dwarves from watching him and his family.

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Checking in with his fans via Instagram over the weekend, Matt shared some fun facts about the show along with a video of himself working on Roloff Farms.

Matt Roloff hopes LPBW viewers have ‘learned a little something about little people’

“Read an interesting statistic from @tlc today as they announced our new [season] Premiere on May 17…. They said that ‘over 1 billion viewer hours have watched #lpbw since the beginning’,” Matt captioned his video.

“Hopefully people have learned a little something about Little People along the way… I know I’ve learned a lot about myself,” the caption continued. “Still a work in progress but getting better every day!”

In the video, Matt told his fans that he was back at work in Oregon, excavating some soil, and joked that he’s been working 24/7. As LPBW fans know, Matt always has projects happening at the farm.

Many of Matt’s followers took to the comments section where they let him know how excited they were to watch Season 23 of LPBW.

Matt Roloff’s fans are excited for Season 23 of LPBW

lpbw fans comment on matt roloff's IG post
Pic credit: @mattroloff/Instagram

“Can’t wait for the new season??,” one of Matt’s eager Instagram followers wrote.

Another one of Matt’s excited fans wrote, “I’m so excited for another season of LPBW. It’s my FAVORITE show. Love to all of you.”

One LPBW viewer included themselves in the billion viewers over the years and told Matt, “Count me as one of those billion viewer hours!!! Happy to keep watch, loving and seeing your family grow ,change and make a difference!???!”

One of Matt’s followers, in particular, hit home with their comment. As they explained to Matt, they’ve been watching LPBW since its inception in 2006 and shared something in common with Matt – their son was born with diastrophic dysplasia, the same type of dwarfism with which Matt was born.

They told Matt, “Having watched you for years and seeing your successes gave so much encouragement to us, when we were constantly being told all the things our son wouldn’t do. Like you, he’s exceeded all expectations and continues to find his own way and create his own path!”

matt's IG follower's comment
Pic credit: @mattroloff/Instagram

Matt was happy to read the comment, reassured his fan, and let them know they’re the show’s target audience.

“Your family is exactly the family we are always trying to reach,” Matt told his fan. “Let them know it can be ok.”

Little People, Big World returns on Tuesday, May 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC and Discovery+.

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