LPBW fans tell Amy Roloff her habits are ‘sickening’ in the kitchen after recent cooking video

Amy Roloff of LPBW
LPBW fans ripped Amy Roloff for her cooking habits Pic credit: TLC

Amy Roloff showed off some habits in the kitchen that has some Little People, Big World fans saying she needs to “learn some manners” while cooking.

Amy loves to show off her skills in the kitchen and often shares cooking videos on social media, sharing her recipes.

Amy owns and operates Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen, where she offers recipes, cookbooks, and other kitchen-related items to her fans.

In one of her recent posts on Instagram, Amy shared a video that showed her cooking in her kitchen, as she so often does.

Most of Amy’s followers commented on how delicious her food looked, but several fans weren’t pleased with Amy’s manners in the kitchen.

Some of Amy’s followers couldn’t help but notice that she didn’t have her hair tied back and talked with a mouth full of food at times.

LPBW fans called out Amy Roloff for bad manners while cooking

“With you eating and talking with your mouth full [I] just can’t….” commented one of Amy’s followers on her post.

Amy Roloff of LPBW on Instagram
One of Amy’s followers didn’t appreciate her talking with food in her mouth Pic credit: @jaykaydiamond/Instagram

Some of Amy’s followers thought she needed to keep her hair away from the food while she was cooking.

One follower commented, “Comb your [d**n] hair and you Re cooking yuk,” while another wrote, “do something with your hair Amy while [you’re] cooking[.]”

Amy Roloff of LPBW on Instagram
Amy’s followers thought she needed to do something with her hair while cooking. Pic credit: @dianaguevara7822/@marylafl/Instagram

One of Amy’s followers called her cooking habits ‘sickening’

One of Amy’s followers had a lengthy message for the LPBW star and called her habits in the kitchen “sickening.”

“I’ll get blasted for this but I see you still chew with your mouth open and talk with your mouth full? thankfully you are working hard to not use your fingers by keeping your arm down by your side. I’d love to enjoy your cooking videos but it’s sickening.”

Amy is no stranger to criticism

Amy is no stranger to critics, being in the public eye. Amy recently defended herself after fans of LPBW called her out and said that her ex, Matt Roloff’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, babysits the grandkids more than Amy does.

Amy cleared the air, though, and explained that not everything seen on the show correlates with real-life events.

With only six weeks left until she ties the knot with Chris Marek on Roloff Farms, Amy is busy with last-minute wedding planning.

Amy recently admitted that she and Matt are “nowhere near” a place in their relationship where she would want him at her upcoming nuptials.

And the feeling is mutual — Matt revealed that he and Caryn hope to be in Arizona during Amy’s wedding. Hopefully, Matt keeps his projects out of the way.

Although Matt promised Amy there wouldn’t be any construction happening close to her wedding day, he recently laid the foundation for his dream home and started construction on a new barn on the farm.

Amy had worries that Matt may do something to ruin her wedding day, but hopefully, everything is cleared out before her big day when she ties the knot with Chris.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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