LPBW: Critics slam Tori Roloff for ‘keeping’ Zach from mom Amy: ‘So over him and Tori!’

tori and amy roloff IG selfies
Is Tori dictating whether Zach can see his mom, Amy, or not? Pic credit: @toriroloff/@amyjroloff/Instagram

Tori Roloff is under fire for “keeping” her husband, Zach Roloff, away from his family.

Little People, Big World viewers know that the Roloff family has faced some major drama in recent years.

When Matt Roloff listed the family’s farmhouse for sale and then as a vacation property, it caused tensions among his twin sons, Jeremy and Zach.

LPBW fans always assumed that Matt would leave the property to one of his and Amy’s four kids, but it didn’t happen that way.

The negotiations became so intense that Zach stopped speaking to his dad and Matt’s fiancee, Caryn Chandler, and even moved his family to Washington, over an hour away from Roloff Farms.

Since then, Tori and Zach have faced some major heat for keeping their distance from Matt and Caryn, and it isn’t dying down.

Is Zach Roloff’s relationship with his mom, Amy, strained?

Many LPBW viewers feel as though Tori and Zach should make nice with Matt and Caryn despite the bad blood between them concerning Roloff Farms.

It doesn’t appear that Zach and Matt have smoothed over their differences, and now, LPBW fans think that Zach’s relationship with his mom, Amy, is being affected, too.

Following the Mother’s Day weekend, Amy uploaded some photos to Instagram.

In the pics, Amy posed alongside her eldest son, Jeremy, and her youngest son, Jacob. Jeremy’s wife, Audrey, joined him for another snap in the second slide.

In the caption, Amy wrote, “Mother’s Day. It’s very special to me because I never thought I’d get to be a Mom. What a title to hold and I took it to heart. I’m a Mom to 4 amazing ‘kids’ and a grandma.”

“Here I am with my ‘bookends’ Jeremy and Jacob, two amazing fine young men. Hung out with Chris, my boys, a few of my grand kids, talked with Zach and Molly. I thank the Lord and pray for them everyday. Thank you kids for making me a Mom. Love you all and my family so much. 🤗💙💙💗💙.”

Noticeably absent from the photos, however, were Amy’s other two kids, Molly and Zach.

And in the comments section, several of Amy’s Instagram followers spoke out, accusing Zach’s wife, Tori, of keeping him away from his mom on Mother’s Day.

LPBW critics blame Tori for ‘keeping’ Zach from Amy

One of Zach’s critics wrote, “Really @zroloff07 couldn’t take time to see you. Im so over him and @toriroloff !”

amy roloff's instagram followers question zach's absence in the comments
LPBW viewers questioned Zach’s absence in Amy’s photos. Pic credit: @amyjroloff/Instagram

“Me too,” chimed in @cmd_0539, adding, “I’d give my arms and legs to spend one more day with my mother.”

“Where is Zach?” asked another one of Amy’s fans. “Does he have a beef with his mother as well?”

One Instagram user asked whether Tori “kept” Zach from Amy’s Mother’s Day gathering.

@kathyprice5169 added her two cents, asking, “Zach wasn’t allowed to see ya or he has a grudge against the boys to?”

“Sounds like he is taking his pity party to far,” added another disparager.

Did Tori and Zach see Amy for Mother’s Day?

It’s unclear whether Tori and Zach spent time with Amy on Mother’s Day, but it appears they did not, judging by her Instagram photos.

Tori posted her own Mother’s Day tribute on Instagram, uploading photos of herself with her three kids, Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah.

It’s possible that Zach and Tori opted to see Amy another day, and photos weren’t shared on social media, and that LPBW fans are making something out of nothing. Or perhaps Zach’s relationship with his mom – like his relationship with Matt – has become strained, too.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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12 days ago

Tory is just bitter and nasty. I’d never want a daughter in law like her…shame on Zach for buying into her BS.

Patricia Abner
Patricia Abner
12 days ago

I do believe that Zack and Tori kept the kids away from Matt for a reason. They mad more money with a feud going on. I hope some day they will mature. I will not miss them on the show. How could someone hold their kids hostage against grandparents. The way I see them with their own kids. I see dangerous situations a lot.

J richardson
J richardson
11 days ago

Oh, I’m sure it was. Tori‘s fault that Zach didn’t see Amy for Mother’s Day I cannot stand tori or Zach and I thought it was petty how they tried using their kids to manipulate Matt, into giving them the farm I am sure Zach had a pity party for himself instead Grow up

Patricia Abner
Patricia Abner
10 days ago

Grow up Tori! Another example of how immature you are. Let’s hold the kids hostage so grandparents can’t see them. So over Zack and Tori. Glad they left the show. I will not miss them. Bye bye

Jane smith
Jane smith
10 days ago

Maybe people should mind their own business. It’s been pretty clear to me that Matt has made it clear that keeping Caryn happy, and making more money is more important to him than his kids or the “legacy” he built for them. I understand why z & t stay away. They don’t want their kids growing up with that kind of influence. And I don’t believe for a moment that Tori is keeping Zach from seeing his mother or anyone else. Get a life guys.