LPBW alum Audrey Roloff details her family ‘getting hit’ with sickness

Audrey Roloff on LPBW
Audrey and Jeremy’s kids have been ill quite a bit this year. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, have had a rough go when it comes to illnesses this season.

The former TLC stars are parents to three young children: Ember, 5, Bode, 2, and Radley, 1.

With cold and flu season in full swing, the Roloff family has been hit extra hard this time around.

Audrey took to her Instagram Stories this week to share that she and Jeremy’s youngest child, son Radley, is not feeling well.

Along with a photo of herself and Radley in a steamy bathroom, Audrey asked her fans, “[Any] other moms out there spending their days and nights in the steamy bathroom lately[?]”

In a subsequent slide, Audrey held baby Radley as he slept on her chest and noted that she and Jeremy’s kids don’t get sick “that often,” but when they do, they recover quickly.

LPBW alum Audrey Roloff says her family has been ‘getting hit with sickness’

However, she wrote, “the last few months our family has just been getting hit [with] sickness.” Audrey surmised that traveling, hosting people and having parties, Ember attending pre-school, and the kids going to Sunday school could be to blame.

Audrey then asked her 1.6 million IG followers, “Is it like this for anyone else?”

audrey roloff IG slides on kids' health
Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

Continuing on the topic, Audrey shared one more slide, this time holding Radley as they posed from inside the bathroom once again. She said how “crazy” it is how moms can be busy doing so much, like “crushing your to-do list, working out, tackling house/property projects, hosting parties, making homecooked meals, getting people where they need to be,” when everything seemingly just shuts “down” to care for kids.

“All plans out the window to care babies,” Audrey added.

audrey roloff's IG story slides
Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

Audrey and Jeremy had to cancel plans due to illness earlier this year

Back in September, Audrey and Jeremy had to cancel their eighth wedding anniversary getaway due to illness. Audrey had planned a two-night surprise getaway for herself and Jeremy but canceled their flight at the last minute.

At the time, Radley, who was 10 months old, fell ill, and Audrey started to feel under the weather herself, so she and Jeremy decided to stay home. This was the second time this happened, as their daughter Ember became sick last year before their anniversary trip.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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