Love Island USA’s Josh & Shannon robbed on New Year’s Eve

Josh and Shannon on Love Island USA
Josh and Shannon on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Ever since they hooked up on Love Island USA, Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair became one of the most beloved couples in the show’s history.

The two left the show early after Josh’s sister died and Shannon chose to stick by his side rather than stay on the show for the money.

They are still together to this day and both have talked about their dreams of moving to Florida together.

However, on a trip to Florida on New Year’s Eve, the two suffered through a scary incident.

Josh & Shannon from Love Island USA robbed

Shannon S. Clair posted a message on her Instagram Stories that mentioned that she and Josh were robbed.

While that message expired, Josh showed up on Instagram Live on New Year’s Day to explain what happened.

Josh revealed what happened on their way to Florida.

Josh Goldstein IG
Pic credit: @josh_goldy/Instagram

“We are in Florida,” Josh said as he was walking outdoors on New Year’s Day in Florida. “Me and Shannon made it here late last night before the ball dropped. Kind of want to talk about Shannon’s story a little bit. Yes, we did get robbed.”

“We drove because we had the dog,” Josh continued. “It really wasn’t that bad of a drive. We stopped in North Carolina, halfway through, about 3:30 am, just slept for four hours to get back on the road. Wake up at 8 am, go outside and my car is smashed in. All of our belongings are gone.”

“They took roughly five to six thousand dollars worth of our possessions,” he explained. “Guys, I really don’t know what’s going on with this world. Like, there’s so much crime right now. I hope to God that those people needed those things more than we did. But, I believe in karma so…”

Josh then tried to look at the positive side of the incident.

“You know it’s definitely a bad situation, but everything will work itself out,” Josh finished. “We’re safe and no one was hurt, which is a good thing. And, we’re in Florida and it’s 2022, so a new year, new us, let’s get it.”

Josh and Shannon move on in Florida

While they haven’t moved to Florida, they were planning to stick around for a little while with the amount they packed to take.

The two seem to be doing better since the robbery, enjoying a chance to take a boat trip and enjoy the nice Florida winter weather.

Josh even posted a photo on his Instagram Stories where he said he almost forgot someone stole his “whole life” the day before.

Josh Goldstein IG 2
Pic credit: @josh_goldy/Instagram

Love Island USA is on hiatus. The show is currently casting for Season 4 which should debut in the summer of 2022.