Love Island USA’s Josh and Shannon take an important step in their future

Josh and Shannon on Love Island USA
Josh and Shannon on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair became huge fan favorites on Love Island USA Season 3.

The duo got off to a rocky start, with Josh’s playful immaturity clashing with Shannon’s no-nonsense attitude, and she tore into him so much on the episodes, it seemed they wouldn’t last.

However, Love Island USA is reality TV and that is not always real life.

In real life, Josh’s sister Lindsay died and he immediately left the show. Shannon proved she was there for the right reasons and she left with him and remained by his side as Josh mourned the loss of his sister.

The two have become the most reliable and consistent couple since leaving the villa.

Now, they are taking their relationship one step further.

Love Island USA’s Josh & Shannon spend holidays together

Josh and Shannon have done more together than any couple that came off Love Island USA Season 3.

They also have been more than happy to share their journey with the world.

This includes their recent holiday plans.

Josh and Shannon shared lots of photos on their Instagram Stories for fans to see during the holidays, but Shannon shared one that was more important than all the rest.

Shannon posted on her IG Stories a photo that showed her family meeting Josh’s family.

Josh and Shannon IG 1
Pic credit: @shannonsaint/Instagram

This is a huge moment in any relationship and shows Josh and Shannon moving one step further in their relationship than just about anyone else from the show’s history.

Josh & Shannon planning on living together in 2022

Josh and Shannon recently let fans know that they are almost ready to finally move in together.

The two lived in different states, so there was a lot of miles in between them, but they said all along that they planned to move to Florida together and start a new life there.

“When are y’all movin in together,” a fan asked on Instagram.

Josh responded, “Hopefully February if all goes as planned.” He also included an emoji of a palm tree, hinting at Florida once again.

Josh also seems very ready to move as well, as he went to IG later and posted a photo that showed the temperature was 25 degrees. He posted, “where to next” with the palm tree emoji once again.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. The reality show is currently casting for Season 4 and should return in the summer of 2022.

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