Love Island USA’s Jeremy Hershberg talks ‘his side of the story’

Jeremy Hershberg on Love Island USA
Jeremy Hershberg on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

When Jeremy Hershberg was on Love Island USA, fans seemed puzzled that he made it to the finals.

Hershberg went through more coupling than anyone on the show and it was Jeremy who dumped every girl he hooked up with on the show.

Jeremy even dumped the girl he made it to the finals with just weeks after leaving the show, and Bailey Marshall said he almost ghosted her until she cornered him to talk about it.

He then seemed to hook up with Florita Diaz again when he dumped Bailey and that didn’t last either.

Now, Jeremy is claiming people will soon learn his side of the story.

Jeremy Hershberg on his side of the story

Jeremy posted a cryptic message on Instagram Stories with a photo of Christian Bale and the comment, “I never need to tell my side of the story because I know time will do it for me.”

jeremy IG post
Pic credit: @jeremyhershberg/Instagram

No one had recently called out Jeremy for anything outside of fans. Even his ex-girlfriends haven’t said anything inflammatory, with Bailey saying he broke up with her and they are just friends.

However, Florita said this week they are no longer dating and many fans have learned they no longer follow each other on Instagram.

One wonders if there were comments made around the Love Island USA cast at the recent reunion parties.

The many Love Island USA breakups of Jeremy Hershberg

For most of the third season of Love Island USA, fans felt that Jeremy Hershberg was a player. He went through women quickly and many of them felt hurt when he moved on.

Jeremy started off with Trina Njoroge, but then he dumped her when Aimee Flores showed up at the villa and he moved on to her.

Aimee seemed to really like Jeremy, but his eyes wandered once again and he dumped her for Florita Diaz, who Korey Gandy was trying to hook up with at the time.

Soon after this, the islanders had to vote people out of the villa and they chose to send Florita home. However, the guys saved Jeremy, which shocked the girls because they felt Jeremy wasn’t serious.

Jeremy then hooked up with Genny Shawcross. When the islanders voted to send Genny home, Jeremy said he didn’t mind.

Then, Jeremy hooked up with Bailey and the two seemed to match up perfectly, allowing fans to send them into the finals, where they finished third.

Now, Jeremy has dumped Bailey Marshall since the show ended and then ended up breaking up with Florita Diaz as well. Whatever Jeremy is talking about, it sounds like he continues to be the one Love Island USA finalist that remains the most suspicious.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Fans can relive Season 3 on Paramount+ streaming.

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