Love Island USA: Which couple do fans want voted out first?

Love Island fans get to vote out a couple, who will go first?
It’s the moment Love Island USA fans have been waiting for, the chance to give one couple the boot from the villa. Pic credit: CBS

Fans of Love Island USA Season 3 are finally getting the chance to vote one couple out of the villa.

The CBS reality TV show has become a summer staple. One thing viewers enjoy about Love Island USA is getting to vote for islanders to stay putting other islanders in jeopardy of getting the boot.

Two weeks into Season 3, the time has come for America to speak out regarding the various couples.

The news comes hot on the heels of recoupling that sent Isaiah Harmison home. Thanks to the sudden departure of Slade Parker, only one guy was dumped from the show.

There are currently six couples on Love Island USA Season 3: Cashay Proudfoot and Korey Gandy, 5. Florita Diaz and Jeremy Hershberg, Olivia Kaiser and Javonny Vega, Trina Njoroge and Melvin “Cinco” Holland, Jr., Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada, and Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein.

Let’s take a look at who fans are campaigning to get booted from the villa.

Which couple do fans want voted out first?

Although social media was buzzing about dumping Trina and Cinco from the villa as soon as possible, they no longer appear to be the target for a couple of reasons.

The Casa Amor twist is coming up any day now. There’s no question Cinco’s head will be turned the moment the guys are in the new villa with a new group of beautiful ladies.

Another reason viewers aren’t’ gunning for Cinco and Trina is thanks to Jeremy and Florita.

Fans are furious with the way Florita treated Korey. She was dragged on Twitter for being shady with Jeremy and crushing Korey’s heart.

Jeremy has been at the top of the fans dislike list pretty much from the beginning. The way he treated Aimee upset a lot of viewers who wanted him gone last week.

At one point, Shannon and Josh could have been in jeopardy because she’s super annoying. However, for the first vote, fans have bigger fish to fry.

Reminder to vote for your favorite couple

It’s important that those voting remember the vote is for the favorite couple in the villa.

The two couples in the villa with the least number of votes are in jeopardy of going home. Previously, the islanders have been forced to choose which couple stays and which couple gets the boot.

Twitter was campaigning hard for new couple Korey and Cashay to get voted favorite couple on Love Island Season 3 right now. They have only been coupled up for a hot second, but both have become extremely popular with viewers.

The favorite spot will likely go to either Cashay and Korey, Olivia and Javonny, or Will and Kyra. As for who fans will vote off on Love Island USA Season 3, all signs point to Jeremy and Florita just as she sets her sights on Korey again.

Love Island USA airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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