Love Island USA fans go crazy when Cash picks Korey — Are they the couple we didn’t know we needed?

Love Island USA fans go crazy when Cash picks Korey
Cashay Proudfoot picks Korey Gandy on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA threw fans a curveball this week when Cashay Proudfoot chose Korey Gandy.

When Love Island USA announced this week’s recoupling, the general consensus was that Javonny Vega and Korey might end going home.

Two things changed that, and the first had nothing to do with the recoupling.

Olivia Kaiser had an attraction to Slade Parker, one of the new boys on the island. However, Slade self-eliminated himself when he got a message that his family needed him back home for personal reasons.

With Slade gone, Olivia refocused on her connection with Javonny and the two cooking dinner for the villa helped them connect even further.

This meant that the Cash/Wes/Aimee love triangle would play out in the recoupling.

But something shocking happened first.

Cash chooses Korey in the recoupeling

Cash chose Korey when her turn came.

This was a huge move. It started when Florita chose to pass on Korey and chose Jeremy instead. It looked like Korey was the odd-man-out.

Cash changed all that. She said that Korey had a good heart and was always there for her. It also helps that she doesn’t trust Isaiah.

This left it up to Aimee, who chose Wes over Isaiah and that ended Isaiah’s time in the villa.

Cash saved Korey to love another day, and it seems like Florita might be wanting to mess with his head some more based on the previews for tomorrow night’s episode.

However, for now, fans are rejoicing.

Love Island USA fans blew up social media when Cash chose Korey

When it came time for Cash to choose her coupling, and fans expected her to go with Will or Isaiah, she then chose Korey, saving him.

“CASH SAVING THE DAY YET AGAIN! My sister comes through all the time!,” wrote @here4achat on Twitter.

@itsnadiadawn predicted that if Cash and Korey want to win the $100,000, they should just stick together because “You will win it hands down … just try and see if there are any sparks.”

Others are just happy to see Cash doing the right thing, not pushing another triangle, and saving someone who deserves a chance. “Cash is a real one,” @sadiebabytweets wrote.

Others have become even bigger Cash fans now since she saved Korey. “IM STILL THINKING ABOUT HOW CASHAY SAVED MY BOY KOREY,” @METALMOUTHASTRO wrote.

With warning signs that Cash might be making a selfish decision for herself, she ended up doing the most selfless thing possible when she saved Korey and fans love her more for it.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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2 years ago

Cash is King!