Love Island USA: Twitter goes savage when Islanders chose Jeremy over Javonny

Jeremy and Olivia on Love Island USA
Jeremy and Olivia on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

The top fan vote-getters on Love Island USA had a chance to choose who would stay out of four people on Friday night.

The girls chose to keep Jeremy Hershberg and the guys chose to keep Olivia Kaiser.

The Love Island USA cast keeps Jeremy

According to the guys, they chose Olivia because she took the chance on going to make a move on Will Moncada. As for the girls, they claimed that Jeremy had tried to make connections.

However, because Jeremy dumped Trina Njoroge and then dumped Aimee Flores before settling on Florita Diaz, the Love Island USA fans on Twitter called foul.

It also made it interesting since Florita went home, leaving Jeremy single.

Now, Jeremy is alone in the villa, and the chance of him hooking up with Olivia, the other single Islander, is slim.

The good news is that Wes Ogsbury and Aimee left together and seemed ready to see what the future held for them.

But, Twitter exploded when Jeremy ended up staying over Javonny Vega.

Twitter blasts Jeremy and Love Island USA

Fans immediately jumped on Twitter and blasted the cast for dumping Javonny for Jeremy.

“im literally so mad rn,” @zoellemurray wrote on Twitter.

“the girls are very vile, keeping Jeremy over javonny ???” @lonercheerleadr wrote on Twitter.

There were other fans on Twitter who have no idea how the show can remain entertaining without Javonny.

“JAVONNY WAS THE SHOW!!! WTF !! WHOS GONNA BRING THE COMMENTARY NOW!!!” @jaylastrongg wrote on Twitter.

What is next for Love Island USA

With Jeremy staying and Floirta going home, this leaves him single and looking for someone else. He has proved in the past that he doesn’t mind moving in on another guy’s girl.

He said he was down but he was going to push on, which he has proven isn’t hard for him.

As for Olivia, she has not found anyone yet on the show that she has a connection with. Will already shot her down, so there is no telling what is next for her.

However, Casa Amor is coming on Sunday night.

A lot of fans wanted to see Javonny getting a chance in Casa Amor, but the cast didn’t care. Instead, Jeremy will hook up with someone new on Sunday night and Olivia might have a chance to meet someone new as well.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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