Love Island USA: The final four couples to compete for $100,000 as finale nears

Pic Credit: CBS

It’s been five weeks in the Love Island USA Villa and it’s time to find out which couple wins the $100,000 dollar grand prize.

This year, the island really wasn’t an island due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was moved to Las Vegas from its usual isolated escape in Bali.

Although the show focuses on love – the winners do get to take home a sweet prize.

The Villa has been cut down to four contending couples, and it’s up to America’s vote to chose who wins.

Caleb and Justine

Pic Credit: CBS

Caleb Corpew and Justine Ndiba aka ‘Jaleb’, are one of social media’s favorite couples. Fans cheered for Justine from day one and hoped that she would find love in the Las Vegas Villa. While other connections sparked from day one, Justine had one of the toughest journies in the Villa.

Viewers got exactly what they wanted for Justine when Caleb walked into the Villa. The couple started off slow with him being attracted to her energy on a friendship level.

While some couples dramatically failed in Casa Amor, both Justine and Caleb chose to stay loyal and give their connection a shot. Since returning back to the Villa, this couple has only gotten stronger and progressed to deeper feelings.

Their sweet love story along with their major internet support, it’s clear that Jaleb is the top contender in winning the entire game.

Johnny and Cely

Pic Credit: CBS

Johnny Middlebrooks and Cely Vazquez‘s biggest advantage is they have been together longer than any of the other couples.

Initially a top contender, Johnny singlehandedly sabotaged the relationship with his steamy physical relationship with Mercades Schell in Casa Amor.

It also didn’t help that his ex came out with a lot of his dirty laundry at the premiere of the season, only leaving viewers with a sour taste for Johnny.

Although ‘Jely’ has their fan base, we expect this couple to come in at number 2. Viewers will be interested in seeing Cely’s reaction after seeing Johnny’s performance for herself in Casa Amor.

Carrington and Laurel

Pic Credit: CBS

Carrington has been in the Love Island Villa since day one. Originally coupled up with Kaitlynn Anderson and Kierstan Saulter, he didn’t find what he was looking for until leaving for Casa Amor.

After freshly breaking up with Kierstan, viewers knew he wasn’t returning to the Villa single. He found interest immediately in the blonde from Alabama.

The southern bell admitted that Carrington wasn’t on her list of getting to know upon walking into Casa Amor. However, he changed her mind through conversation and she fell for the sales manager.

Carrington’s head was almost turned when Lakeyn Call walked into the Villa. He admitted to having an instant spark with the new girl and tested his connection with Laurel all the way up to the last recoupling.

Although viewers have admitted to thinking Carrington was ‘as deep as a puddle’, they do have a sweet spot for his partner Laurel.

Calvin and Moira

Pic Credit: CBS

Calvin Cobb and Moira Tumas were two fan favorites who somehow made it to the end. Although they initially chose each other when Calvin arrived at the Villa, their connection wasn’t strong enough for Casa Amor. 

The two came back from Casa Amor with new partners. Calvin chose to couple up with south beach beauty Sher Suarez while Moira chose cake decorator Aaron Owens.

The two coupled back up in the last recoupling to give their connection one more shot. Viewers always thought this couple had chemistry and maybe reuniting made them realize they had a worthwhile connection.

Who do you think will take the $100,000 prize?

Love Island USA airs weekdays at 9/8c on CBS. 

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