Love Island USA viewers are in love with Justine and Caleb – could they win it all?

Justine and Caleb had an unprecedented fandom on Love Island. Pic credit: CBS

Fans have stood behind Justine Ndiba since Day 1. The 27-year-old from Congo has been a fan favorite since she walked into Love Island and viewers hoped the beauty would find love in the villa.

She struggled initially to find the connection she was looking for, but her patience paid off when a new boy from Oklahoma City, Caleb Corprew, walked into the villa. Although he was initially paired with her friend Rachel Lundell, Justine took a chance and tested their spark by kissing him in a challenge.

The kiss upset Rachel, but viewers felt Justine was right in taking a chance on a new connection. Her risk yielded a big reward as not only was there a physical attraction, but they connected on an emotional level.

Love Island fans embraced Caleb and have loved the connection that has blossomed between the two. Justine was psyched to find out they even got the approval of Love Island superfan Chrissy Teigen, whom she considers a relationship role model.

They’ve already passed some major tests

Before the biggest test on Love Island Casa Amor happened, the couple had only been together a few days. Justine definitely had her options in Casa Amor but felt deep in her gut that she should give the connection with Caleb a chance.

He felt the same and viewers cheered as he walked back into the Las Vegas villa single. Since Casa Amor, the couple has only cemented themselves as the favorite to win with their cute conversations and lovey-dovey moments.

Justine went from being the underdog in the villa to be a top contender from the $100,000 grand prize.

Social media loves Jaleb

Love Island is another show where the viewer votes play an important role in who wins the show.

It’s obvious who social media’s favorite couple is. Justine and Caleb, appropriately nicknamed “Jaleb,” have one of the biggest fanbases on social media.

Johnny and Cely (aka Jely) were close, but after Johnny’s performance in Casa Amor, Jaleb stayed in the lead.

Jaleb fans are good about making sure everyone knows when it’s time to vote. Even when they initially coupled up, they were voted in the top three when it came to compatibility.

It’s safe to say Jaleb fans will be out in full force for the finale.

Sorry Johnny and Cely, it looks like you’re going to have some intense competition for the $100,000.

Are you #TeamJaleb or #TeamJely?

Love Island USA airs weekdays at 9/8c on CBS. 

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Jacqueline Pickels
Jacqueline Pickels
3 years ago


3 years ago

Justine and her man should win. I don’t like Johnny. Being a greedy ? dog and hurting the young lady that cares about him. I think Johnny is as fake as a 3 dollar Bill and he is going to break the precious cely heart again. She should dump his ass now. If he Johnny cared about cely he would have never pulled cover over his head in bed with another woman.