Johnny from Love Island USA blasted by ex-fiance who claims he dumped her for the show

Johnny Middlebrooks was all smiles for his arrival at Love Island. Pic Credit: CBS

One islander is making major waves on and off the screen. Johnny Middlebrooks — currently partnered with Sacramento native Cely Vazquez — has recently been accused of shady behavior and we’re not talking about his performance in Casa Amor.

Viewers were enjoying watching the connection develop between him and Cely and even considered them the strongest relationship in the villa.

However, Johnny had one of the steamiest physical relationships when he left for Casa Amor with new girl Mercedes. Little did we know, these were his true colors starting to show.

He’s recently been accused of dumping his ex-fiance one week before leaving to appear on Love Island.

Her name is Tori

Apparently, the two have kept a “situationship” since high school.

Tori Stenson captioned this photo: ‘Thank u, next” in reference to the Ariana Grande song. Pic credit: @toristenson/Instagram

She makes the confession on a TikTok video that she posted with the caption, “When I see my ex on love island saying he treats girls like queens like he didn’t tell me about it a week before he left.”

With a little digging, the only islander on her page happens to be Johnny.

Johnny throws major shade to his ex on his Love Island bio. stating, “Dating for me has felt like paying rent for a one-room apartment with bad furniture and no electricity (temporary).”

He considers himself a good boyfriend but viewers can agree that leaving your girlfriend to go on Love Island wouldn’t fall under the category.

Social media is not on his side

After his performance with Mercedes in Casa Amor, Johnny already has fans waiting to kick him off the island.

The news regarding his ex-girlfriend only further cements to viewers that Johnny needs to be voted off.

Due to his phone and social media being taken away, we won’t have a response from Johnny until his departure from Love Island

Johnny chose the wrong show to displease viewers, as they play a major role when it comes to who gets to stay on the island.

He isn’t the first boy on Love Island to get blasted for things they’ve done in the past. Ex-college football player Tre Forte was recently voted off by viewers and it may have something to do with his controversial tweets.

Love Island USA airs Monday-Friday at 9/8c and Saturday at 8/7c on CBS.

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