Love Island USA: Justine Ndiba reveals what she’ll do with her half of the $100,000

The unprecedented fandom of Justine and Caleb made it clear these two would win the $50,000 grand prize. Pic Credit: CBS

Caleb Corprew and Justine Ndiba, king and queen of the villa, have seen their lives completely change since leaving Las Vegas. Not only did they walk out in love, but they are also $100,000 richer.

On the finale, Caleb had the opportunity to take the entire $100,000 sum but instead chose to share it with his partner Justine.

While some connections in the villa sparked instantly, Justine was true to herself and waited for the right one to come in. Viewers cheered her on as she started as an underdog and left Love Island USA in the strongest relationship.

Justine revealed her plans for her half of the prize money

Justine and Caleb started their relationship living together, so the thousands of miles now between them is a huge change. When it comes to the distance between the new couple’s hometowns, they could not be further apart.

While Caleb is originally from Oklahoma City, he is moving to Los Angeles for work in the next few weeks.

Justine is a Jersey girl and works as a billing coordinator.

In a recent interview with the YouTube channel, After the Island, Justine revealed that her address may change thanks to the prize money.

She said she’s considering using that money to make a move to California to be closer to her new man. Caleb revealed that he plans on saving most of his half, but will definitely be using some to take trips to see Justine.

Both agreed that their parents would definitely get some nice gifts as well.

The couple made franchise history

Not only did Justine and Caleb make Love Island history by being the first Black couple to win the grand prize, but their support was also unprecedented this season.

Justine radiates confidence, but still had her doubts about appearing on the show. As a huge fan of the UK version of the show, Justine admits Black girls haven’t had a lot of success on this type of platform.

The couple is also proud to be a new representation of what love can look like.

“It’s really awesome to see that not only were we able to display healthy love for the viewers at home and it’s awesome that the people watching related to us,” Caleb said in an interview with ET after the finale aired.

The Jaleb hive fans ruled social media this season. They rallied for this couple on all platforms and made sure viewers knew when it was time to vote.

Love Island USA is now on hiatus.

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