Love Island USA fan-favorite Korey Gandy starts new clothing line

Korey Gandy from Love Island USA
Korey Gandy from Love Island USA. Pic credit: @korey_gandy/Instagram

Korey Gandy was one-half of the Season 3 Love Island USA winning couple.

If you ask a lot of fans, they might say that Olivia Kaiser won only because she hooked up with the popular Korey after Casa Amor.

Now, Korey is attempting to profit from his popularity and fame from Love Island USA.

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Korey Gandy has started his own clothing line.

Korey Gandy starts clothing line after Love Island USA

After winning Love Island USA Season 3, Korey Gandy launched a new clothing company using his popular catchphrase — What The Freak.

Korey said, “what the freak” constantly in the villa when something happened that surprised him.

Korey posted on Instagram that he felt he needed to “take the risk or lose the chance” and had a soft launch of his clothing line at the end of August, with a bigger wide launch coming in September.

Korey created a website to sell his products, which includes t-shirts, crop tops, beanies, and bandanas.

The prices range from $14 to $35 for each item.

Everyone from Cinco Holland and Cashay Proudfoot to Andre Brunelli and Shannon St. Clair responded to the clothing and it looks like Korey has a lot of people behind him in this endeavor.

Korey’s journey through Love Island USA

Fans fell in love with Korey Gandy after he kept hooking up with women who couldn’t seem to stick with him.

He also paired up with fellow fan-favorite Cashay Proudfoot at one point so they could save each other from elimination to fight another day.

These moments, and the fact that he kept a smile on his face the entire time, made him someone the fans fell in love with.

Korey coupled up with Kyra Lizama first, and Will Moncada came in and stole her away from Korey with his first move of the season.

Korey then hooked up with Trina Njoroge after Jeremy Hershberg dumped her, but she never felt anything and moved on to Cinco Holland.

Korey then thought he found his perfect girl in Florita Diaz. However, Jeremy moved in on her and stole her away from Korey. Florita ended up eliminated and Jeremy stuck around.

Korey also hooked up with Leslie Golden, but once again, Jeremy made a move before Leslie chose to self-eliminate herself.

Finally, Korey chose Olivia and they lasted to the end where fans voted them the winners.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Catch up with all the love connections from Season 3 on Paramount+.

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