Love Island USA: Did Caleb Corprew cheat on Justine Ndiba?

Justine and Caleb had an unprecedented fandom on Love Island. Pic credit: CBS

The Love Island USA winning couple, Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew, have not had a happy ending since leaving the show.

While initially, the first place winners gave vague statements about their breakup, the tea is slowly starting to spill.

Justine and Caleb made headlines at the end of the summer after being crowned the franchise’s first black couple to win the coveted $50,000 dollar prize.

The fandom of the ‘Jaleb hive’ was unprecedented and it was clear they were the favorite to win season 2.

Did Caleb cheat on his Love Island partner?

Fans were invested in the relationship of Justine and Caleb after watching it bloom before their eyes in the villa. After leaving the island, the couple quenched fans’ thirst for new content by filming their cutesy dates and posting them on their Youtube channels. 

However, just a few days into 2021, they shocked some fans by announcing the end of their relationship.

Almost immediately, the cheating rumors began.

Fans speculate whether Caleb cheated. Pic credit: @cxco_/Instagram

Eagle-eyed Twitter users quickly found proof of their claims in recent holiday pictures. The mirror selfie featured Caleb and his family in matching pajamas – and it also included a girl that wasn’t Justine.

While it is unclear if she has been in the picture or a new girlfriend, she does look very comfortable with Caleb’s family.

Since the statement was just released, fans immediately started to accuse Caleb of cheating, and the 24-year-old even announced that he was starting to receive death threats.

While his relationship was once cherished by the public, Caleb has already lost more than 5,000 followers on Instagram.

The separation has been a reality for the couple for some time

Although the news is surprising to most Love Island fans, some viewers had already noticed the distance between Justine and Caleb.

In regards to the holiday photos with a mystery girl, Caleb explains in an Instagram story, “In hindsight, we should’ve made this announcement a long time ago and used the past couple of months to heal and move forward.”

The separation has been reality for the couple for some time now.

He ends the story by saying, “But as you can imagine – the pressures associated with falling for each other in front of what felt like the entire world weigh very heavy on us. Us withholding this information was never something we decided to do with ill intent. We were waiting on the right time.”

Do you think Caleb is innocent or did he cheat on Queen Justine?

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus at CBS.