Love Island USA crowns Season 5 winners as fans react to couple

hannah wright and marco donatelli
Hannah and Marco revealed as Love Island USA 5 winners in season finale. Pic credit: Peacock

It’s a wrap on Love Island USA Season 5 as one couple was revealed as the winning pair in the Season 5 finale!

Marco Donatelli and Hannah Wright were that couple, getting the win over three other couples who lasted to the final four at the Fiji villa.

Following their win, Love Island UK’s Maura Higgins spoke with the winning couple, with Hannah saying it hadn’t quite hit her yet that they’d won, which includes a prize of $100,000.

“We’ve just been being us. We won the money, but we didn’t even think of that. We definitely talked about giving back,” Hannah said, admitting she had a lot of thoughts and emotions at once.

Marco explained they took things “day by day” while living in the villa and said he viewed it as “I get another day with [Hannah]” every time America voted for them to stick around.

Since they were “boyfriend and girlfriend,” Maura asked them if they’d exchanged numbers. They admitted they hadn’t, with Marco indicating they already would have if they had their phones there.

Hannah and Marco are Love Island USA 5 winners

While speaking with Maura, Hannah admitted one of her favorite moments during the season was getting to return from Casa because she was “going through it” mentally at that time.

That highlight moment arrived as Marco’s ex-girlfriend was brought into the mix, making things extra stressful for Hannah to learn about from afar.

“You never know what to expect in here,” she said, adding, “So that was a lot, especially because we were going so good.”

Hannah said when she saw Marco again, she told herself, “I really gotta trust in this man” as they continued their relationship.

Marco, 22, was one of the initial contestants introduced in the villa in just the first episode of Season 5. Hannah arrived shortly after as one of two Bombshells with Carmen Kocourek, as they entered the villa with returning Islander Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen.

Marco was initially coupled with Destiny but then chose to couple with Hannah on Day 5. Hannah decided to remain with Marco when she could choose a man on Day 11. They then lasted through the rest of the season, which included Marco’s ex arriving.

See Sarah Hyland reveal the Love Island USA 5 winners

Host Sarah Hyland revealed the winners at the finale as Marco and Hannah. The winning couple embraced while their castmates, the three runner-up couples, cheered and applauded them.

Based on the final results, Kassandra “Kassy” Castillo and Leonardo Dionicio finished second, while fan-favorite Bergie and Taylor Smith were third. Coming in fourth place were Carmen and Kenzo Nudo. Some fans speculated they were “scammers” due to living in the same state and having the same personal trainer.

After the winning couple had a moment to collect themselves, they commented about their relationship and how it endured the season.

“I just feel really blessed to even just be here right now and have found love,” Hannah said as she was caught up in the moment.

“We just complement each other so well. This journey has been a roller coaster of emotions, but to stand here as the last couple that America has chosen is truly an honor,” Marco said.

Fans react to Season 5 winners Marco and Hannah

Following the reveal of the Season 5 winning couple, fans had mixed reactions to Hannah and Marco as winners. Some were all for it, while others were skeptical.

One commenter said the winners’ “relationship is so kind, solid, warm and loyal,” adding that Marco “was tested and didn’t waiver” and that Hannah was “incredibly supportive and loving through his grief.”

Another commenter mentioned that they “started out hating Marco” but then “voted for them all the way through,” suggesting they changed their mind about him and his relationship with Hannah.

fans comment about season 5 love island winners
Pic credit: @loveislandusa/Instagram

Several fans expressed that they thought a different couple should’ve won, while others speculated the winning couple’s relationship wouldn’t continue for very long beyond the show.

“Let me announce the true winners of this season, Kenzo and Kassy!” an individual commented, adding, “the only two who truly fell in love.”

commenter says kassy and leo were true winners of love island 5
Pic credit: @loveislandusa/Instagram

“Should of been Leo and kassy cus of their journey but I’m not mad,” one commenter wrote.

“They won’t make it out the villa…..let’s start making bets how long they last. ….SMDH,” another wrote.

fans comment about hannah and marco winning love island usa 5
Pic credit: @loveislandusa/Instagram

Fans are now waiting to see if there will be a reunion like last season to catch everyone up on where things stand between the various castmates. So far, there’s been no report of an event for Love Island USA 5, although they may decide to continue the tradition from last season!

Love Island USA 5 episodes are available for streaming on Peacock.

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