Love Island USA rumors: Fans blast couple as ‘scammers’ ahead of Season 5 winners reveal

carmen kocourek and kenzo nudo
Did Carmen and Kenzo know one another before Love Island USA 5? Some fans think so. Pic credit: Peacock

Some Love Island USA fans are convinced that one of the couples vying to become Season 5 winners has been “scamming” the show and viewers.

With the season finale approaching, many fans have been weighing in on which couple they believe should win the latest season.

Only four couples remain, with many fans suggesting that either Hannah Wright and Marco Donatelli or Kassy Castillo and Leonardo Dionicio should win.

These couples have been together most of the season, with Hannah and Marco remaining a couple since shortly after Hannah entered as a Bombshell.

She entered the Fiji villa with Bombshell Carmen Kocourek within the first few episodes, with the latter not finding a man she truly liked until a bit later.

Carmen is coupled with Kenzo Nudo, and they’re still in the running to win the season, but more than a few fans seem to consider the couple “scammers” and gaming the show.

Fans react to Carmen and Kenzo as potential Love Island USA 5 winners

Ahead of Love Island USA’s Season 5 finale, the official Instagram page for the show shared carousel posts featuring the final four couples vying for the win.

Three posts featured Hannah with Marco, Bergie with Taylor, and Kassy with Leo. As of this writing, those three IG posts each received over 10,000 likes.

A post showing Carmen and Kenzo has received the least likes of the four couples’ posts, with over 5,500 as of this writing. It includes photos and video clips capturing the couples’ journey on Love Island.

Likes don’t tell the whole story, though, as many fans have posted gripes and suspicions about the couple in the comment section.

“u forgot to add the part where they knew each other already,” one of the popular comments said.

“it’s funny because they knew each other before the show and their receipts to prove it,” another commenter wrote.

Another individual referred to the couple as “the scammers” in the comment section.

fans react to carmen kenzo ig post about season 5
Pic credit: @loveislandusa/Instagram

“So fake. Aint happening,” one commenter said, while another wrote, “Hannah and Marco will win not these scammers.”

“Did anyone else hear that they belong to the same gym and were dating before the show??” another commenter asked.

fans comment about kenzo and carmen before show
Pic credit: @loveislandusa/Instagram

Did Carmen and Kenzo connect before Love Island USA?

As of this writing, there’s no confirmation that Carmen and Kenzo knew one another before they entered the villa for Love Island USA. However, fans think there are some strong hints that they are “scamming” the show.

The biggest seems to be that both contestants came to the show from the same state. Carmen is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but now lives in Arizona. Kenzo is from Phoenix, Arizona.

As mentioned, Carmen started on the show early, arriving in just the first few episodes as a Bombshell with Hannah. She first became coupled with Victor Luna, but there were also teases that she might have something with Bergie.

Carmen and Victor fell apart due to early drama involving Bergie. Soon after Victor got eliminated from the villa, Carmen suggested to Bergie they were better as friends.

Kenzo arrived as a Bombshell on Day 10 and soon picked Carmen as the woman to couple with as they connected. They revealed to each other that they were both living in Arizona, which seemed to make a relationship after the show more convenient. The couple seemed to connect and are now part of the final four.

On Twitter, fans were mainly focused on Carmen and Kenzo going to the same gym and having the same trainer “who actively posts them.”

In one tweet (below), an individual suggested that Carmen had been “following Kenzo on IG this whole time before he even got into the villa.”

Of course, this continues to be rumors and fan speculation based on potential hints about the Love Island couple. Rumors tend to spread quickly online and could be the unfortunate reason a legitimate couple doesn’t win the show, assuming they formed a genuine connection in Fiji.

Love Island USA Season 5 finale airs Sunday, August 27 at 9/8c on Peacock.

All episodes of Love Island are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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