Carmen Kocourek on Love Island USA: Job, age, height and everything else we know

carmen kocourek is among the love island season 5 cast members
Carmen Kocourek is among the islanders looking for romance at the villa in Love Island USA 5. Pic credit: @carmen_kocourek/Instagram

Viewers saw Carmen Kocourek on Love Island USA for Season 5 as a surprise entrant to the villa within just the first few episodes.

Castmate Hannah Wright joined her as the two women met a self-eliminated cast member that received a second chance to find love in Episode 2.

While Carsten Bergersen, aka Bergie, initially left the villa by his choice, he was secretly informed later that he could rejoin the cast. That was after he met the two beautiful Bombshells, Carmen and Hannah, in a hot tub.

After the three spent a night together, including a sleepover in the same bed, it was time for Bergie, Hannah, and Carmen to surprise the rest of the islanders at the villa in Fiji.

The blonde Bombshell quickly turned heads as more than a few of the men there seemed interested in her, although she chose one guy to explore a connection with early on.

Here’s what we know about Carmen on Love Island USA, including her age, occupation, height, social media, and more.

Who is Carmen Kocourek on Love Island USA 5?

Carmen is a 22-year-old nanny, bartender, and model from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who appears as one of the first two Bombshells on Love Island USA Season 5.

At the beginning of Episode 2, she and Hannah were revealed as part of a surprise for Bergie after learning he was still part of the show. Bergie got to meet and talk to the two gorgeous women before they met the rest of the cast at the villa.

Based on her social media and website details, Carmen is a 5-foot-7 model with blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s represented by FORD/Robert Black Agency in Phoenix and O Models in Los Angeles, California.

While she may have been born in Wisconsin, Carmen also lists herself as from Arizona on her Instagram page. It also indicated that she is a bartender at El Jefe in Scottsdale, Arizona, so that seems to be where she currently resides.

In other social media posts, Carmen revealed she was a student at Arizona State University. A LinkedIn page shares that her major is Marketing and that she is minoring in Real Estate and Fashion for her studies.

Based on Carmen’s bio for the FORD/Robert Black modeling agency, she’s a fan of Supercross and BMX with experience riding motorcycles and dirt bikes. The bio also indicates she’s into her fitness, listing jogging, running, weightlifting, swimming, and yoga among her activities.

Where can you find Carmen on social media?

Carmen is among the Love Island USA 5 stars on Instagram. Her official handle is @carmen_kocourek on the platform, where she currently has over 5,800 followers and 200-plus posts. That following will most likely grow as she appears in Love Island USA episodes.

She posts a variety of photos and videos on her IG page, including selfies, hanging out with friends, or enjoying various sights and events.

Earlier this year, she included a carousel post that revealed she might be a sports fan. In her caption, she indicated she is a Milwaukee Bucks fan who went to watch the NBA’s Suns in her home area of Phoenix.

In Love Island USA 5, Episode 2, Carmen is first seen rocking a red bikini during the hot tub meeting with Bergie and Hannah.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the 22-year-old model has included photos of herself in bikinis and lingerie on her IG page.

Fans can also follow Carmen on TikTok at her handle, @carmenkocourek, where she has over 24,000 followers and many fun video clips. Those might include funny viral clips or memorable moments from her life.

In one from earlier this year, Carmen again showed her potential sports fandom, revealing a day in her life as she prepared to go watch a Seattle Mariners baseball game in Arizona.

Carmen doesn’t have any recent posts on social media revealing a boyfriend, but she may be keeping that a surprise so as not to spoil Love Island USA.

Viewers will discover Carmen’s outcome in Season 5 as she explores connections with her castmates and potentially finds love at the villa!

Love Island USA Season 5 airs Thursdays-Tuesdays at 9/8c on Peacock.

All episodes of Love Island are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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