Where to find the Love Island USA Season 5 cast on Instagram

Destiney and Jasmine from Season 5 of Love Island USA
The Islanders’ Instagrams are active while they are competing on Love Island USA. Pic credit: Peacock

Season 5 of Love Island USA has begun, and we’re already sucked in as this summer show takes off with a burst of fresh energy.

Already, 10 guys and girls have entered the villa to find love and possibly even win some money.

There’s $100,000 on the line for the winner this year, and as most Love Island USA fans know, there’s even more to gain in terms of followers on social media and the influencer status that an Islander can grow just by being on the show.

Plus, we just really want to know what these people are about, especially if we’re going to be voting for them later in the season.

It’s also a bit of fun to find the newest Love Island USA stars on Instagram and note how many followers they have now.

Surely, their follower counts will rise as the season progresses, and that gives us a good idea of who is popular with viewers and who is not.

Where to find the Love Island USA guys on Instagram

Leonardo Dionicio started Season 5 of Love Island USA with just 6,078 followers on Instagram, but we’re sure that number will grow. Fans can find Leonardo by looking up @leonardo_dionicio on the social media app.

Based on what we saw while perusing Leonardo’s pictures, it’s clear that he loves the finer things in life. He’s shared several photos of himself enjoying wine or champagne while posing in front of the New York City skyline. He also enjoys the beach and sunny weather and clearly has an affinity for showing his middle finger to the camera.

Marco Donatelli had a bit of a headstart regarding his Instagram following, starting the season with over 117,000 followers. He calls himself a public figure in his profile and says he’s both a student and a model.

His username is @marcoadonatelli for those who want to add to his follower count. Based on Marco’s photos, he’s done quite a few modeling gigs and loves to work out.

Victor Gonzalez is giving major Jason Momoa vibes on his Instagram that you can find by searching @victorrahl. So far, he’s got more than 18,400 followers — a number that is sure to jump. Victor clearly has a wild side, as you can see in a video he shared of himself and a pack of three lions walking together. He shares a lot of shirtless content that he shot at the beach, and well, we sort of love it.

Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen may have the smallest Instagram following of the Islanders, clocking in with just 2,043 followers on the app. But Bergie isn’t done yet. Despite getting voted out on the first night of Season 5, he’ll be making a comeback in a “throuple,” and we can’t wait to find out what that means.

Keenan Anunay kicked off Season 5 of Love Island USA with over 39,200 Instagram followers, and it’s only up from there. Based on his photos, it’s clear that Keenan is proud of his time playing football for Morehouse.

Where to find the Love Island USA girls on Instagram

Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray is a small-town girl with just 6,017 followers on her IG @kaykalore after the Season 5 premiere of Love Island USA, but that number will definitely grow in the coming weeks. She’s a travel nurse with a love of fashion, roses, and bikini photo ops based on our peak at her page.

Kay Kay also loves to show off her middle finger, and we’re hoping that means she has a goofy, fun-loving side that we’ll get to see.

Anna Kurdys may not have impressed the other Islanders on Wednesday nights, but she’s knocking it out of the park on Instagram, where she has more than 51,200 followers on her @annaolivia.x account after the Love Island USA season premiere. It’s not hard to see why, either, as her page is full of gorgeous bikini photos.

She might be the dark horse in terms of a Love Island USA win, but Anna is already winning on social media, where she’ll surely build a fine career in influencing.

Destiny Davis is another Islander with a relatively small follower count for now. She only has 7,462 followers on her @acdestinyzammarr account after the first episode of Season 5, but it’ll go up soon enough. Destiny loves to share photos of what she’s doing and while there are some bikini photos in there, there’s also a lot of fashion and some great photos of her trip to the GRAMMYs.

Kassy Castillo is another Islander that needs to grow her Instagram following, with just 3,449 followers after the first night of Love Island USA. You can follow the Louisiana native by heading over to @kass.c, where she loves to share pictures of herself in bikinis.

Jasmine Sklavanitis is another bikini lover with an Instagram following of 2,628 after the premiere night. She’ll surely see that number grow over the coming weeks, and you can be a plus one for her by hitting follow on @jasminesklavanitis.

Aside from bikini content, the Nashville native shares plenty of beauty content and clearly has a love of fashion.

Love Island USA airs on Thursday through Tuesday daily at 9/8c on PEACOCK.

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