Carsten ‘Bergie’ Bergersen self-eliminated from Love Island USA but he’s not gone yet

Carsten Bergie Bergersen on Love Island USA
Bergie was the first guy voted to leave Love Island USA but he’s not gone yet. Pic credit: Sara Mally/PEACOCK

Love Island USA is back for the summer, and the couples are ready to compete to see who will win both in the game and in love.

One of the contestants made a huge impression right from the start, and that would be Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen, who was the last guy introduced on Tuesday night, and the first to be sent packing.

Bergie came in as the last guy during Stick or Twist, which is the shocking way the Islanders first coupled up with Sarah Hyland at the helm.

For this first coupling, each guy was introduced, and a girl would choose which guy she liked most, with some of the guys having two or three girls by their side and some having none.

When Bergie came out, there was only one guy who had no girl by his side, and despite others having more, no one wanted to “Twist” over to Bergie, opting to “Stick” with the guy they already chose.

That left the guys to pick which girl they wanted to keep, leaving the other two girls to couple up with Victor and Bergie in that order.

Victor ended up coupled up with Jasmine, and Bergie was coupled with Anna, and that’s when it was time to vote someone out on the very first night!

Carsten ‘Bergie’ Bergersen and Anna Kurdys voted out

All but one couple voted for Bergie and Anna as the couple to eliminate, and the consensus was that they were the ones with the least chemistry.

So when it was their turn to vote, Anna and Bergie even voted for themselves to go home, which was a surprise for a lot of viewers.

That seemed to be very true, too, because Anna seemed to lose all interest once Bergie revealed that he is a virgin.

That’s when we learned of another twist — only one of them was going home, and Anna and Bergie had to decide amongst themselves which one of them it would be.

Proving what a gentleman he is, Bergie decided quickly that he would be leaving the villa, explaining that he chose himself and didn’t fight it because he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing that he sent Anna home.

The elimination ceremony ended in tears as Anna embraced Bergie, seemingly in disbelief that he saved her chance at some summer fun and chose to leave, but it looks like he’s not gone for good.

Bergie received a text, and he’s not going home quite yet

It seems that Season 5 of Love Island USA will be full of twists because, before Bergie could leave the show, he received a text message that made it clear he would get another chance this summer.

With his bags packed as he waited to exit, Bergie’s text read, “Bergie everyone deserves a second chance. # still in the game # throuple up.”

It’s not clear yet what that means, as the show ended right there and we’ll have to wait for tonight to see if Bergie will be coming back in to be a third wheel or if he’ll be escorting two more girls into the villa. Clearly, anything goes this year, so let’s see how this plays out.

Love Island USA streams Thursdays through Tuesdays at 9/8c on PEACOCK.

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Linda Lee
Linda Lee
11 months ago

WHAT ! It’s terrible to even put him in that situation to be voted off on the first night. I was very sad and for the first time disgusted with love island they didn’t even give him a chance ! even if they bring him back in it’s still the feeling that he must’ve gone through terrible.