Hannah Wright on Love Island USA: Job, age, height and everything else we know

hannah wright from love island usa season 5
Hannah Wright appears in Love Island USA Season 5 as one of the Bombshells. Pic credit: Peacock

With Hannah Wright on Love Island, things quickly heated up at the Fiji villa as the men were surprised by her arrival.

The stunner was one of two Bombshells who showed up in Season 5, Episode 2, along with Carmen Kocourek, to meet self-eliminated cast member Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen.

While Hannah and Carmen got to know Bergie and even had a sleepover with him that night, they were introduced to the rest of the men the next day.

That allowed Hannah to set her sights on which guys she wanted to get to know better, and she soon had one particular man in mind to couple up with.

Lucky for Hannah, her choice was also interested in her, so they could begin to explore a potential romantic connection with one another.

Here’s what we know about Hannah on Love Island, including her age, family, height, jobs, interests, and more.

Who is Hannah Wright on Love Island USA?

Hannah is a 24-year-old teacher from Palm Springs, California. She appears in Love Island USA Season 5 as one of the show’s Bombshells.

The stunning cast member’s height isn’t listed online, but based on show footage, she appears as tall or slightly taller than her castmate Carmen, who is listed as a 5-foot-7 model.

According to TV Insider, Hannah’s father is African-American, and her mom’s background is Mexican. During the early Love Island episodes, she revealed that she is close with her family.

Hannah shared that she has two twin sisters she looks a lot like, but they’re not triplets. She also said she’s a “momma’s girl” since her mom’s her best friend.

She graduated in 2022 from San Francisco State University with a Broadcast, Electronic Communications, and Arts (BECA) degree. She’s also studied at Copenhagen, Denmark’s International School of Journalism.

Her Linkedin profile shows Hannah has been a STEAM Teacher for the Palm Springs Unified School Teacher since earlier this year. 

Along with that, she lists herself as a journalist and reporter. She previously worked as a reporter for MUSE TV and was a news intern with KQED, where she has a published article.

Other occupations and internships have included her interning with NBC Palm Springs/KMIR and working as a sports play-by-play announcer and color commentator at Whittier College.

She indicated she’s worked in front of and behind the camera for several internships and also created short documentaries while studying in Denmark.

TV Insider also mentioned that Hannah is obsessed with Star Wars and Game of Thrones.

Hannah’s Love Island USA arrival and romantic interests

Hannah wasn’t at the villa on Day 1 for Love Island USA 5. She joined the show in Episode 2 as one of the first two Bombshells in the cast.

After spending an evening with Bergie and Carmen, Hannah met the other cast members the next day. She became interested in several guys, including Victor Gonzalez and Marco Donatelli.

Early on, Hannah admitted she’d dated athletes before but was looking for something different at the villa and was “ready to settle down with the one.”

She said she’s a “date me first and we’ll see where it goes” type and wanted to avoid her past mistake of being with “insecure” men.

She and Carmen each got to go on dates with one of the guys, so Hannah chose Victor. They seemed to hit it off with their picnic date as they got to know each other better.

Hannah appeared to like Victor and was ready to make a move when a special twist was revealed to her and Carmen in Episode 2.

At the end of Episode 3, Carmen and Hannah each got to “steal” a guy already coupled up with one of the other women. Carmen took Victor as her pick before Hannah could. However, Hannah also liked her connection with Marco and happily chose him.

Where to find Hannah from Love Island on social media

Hannah has an official Instagram page with the handle @misshannahw. She currently has over 1,700 followers and 30 posts. That could change as she appears in more Love Island USA 5 episodes.

While Hannah doesn’t have as many IG posts as other cast members, she’s shown some of her visits to various areas of her home state and other countries. They’ve included trips to Denmark and Spain.

Based on an IG carousel post from earlier this year, Hannah is a music fan, as she attended the annual Coachella Music Festival in California.

As of this writing, Hannah doesn’t appear to have any other social media accounts. However, that could change as she grows in popularity with her appearance on Love Island USA.

Viewers will see if Hannah finds love with the right man for her in Season 5!

Love Island USA airs Thursdays-Tuesdays at 9/8c on Peacock.

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