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Love Island USA controversy erupts over Bailey’s mother’s comments, her sister responds on Twitter

Bailey, Alana and, Elly on Love Island USA.
Bailey, Alana and, Elly on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

On Wednesday night, the Love Island USA Islanders got to talk to their parents, and it included some sweet and some harsh moments.

However, there was also an awkward moment that took place when Bailey Marshall was talking to her parents.

Her parents asked her about coming in wanting Korey Gandy and then ending up with Jeremy Hershberg.

Bailey admitted she was surprised by Jeremy, who was a perfect gentleman to her, was funny, and did nice things for her.

Her mother then responded with “feels like the way it should be.”

While that seemed sweet, a few seconds later, she said something else.

“I think it ended up the right way,” her mom said. “Instead of working out with Korey, you coupled up with Jeremy. It feels like the way it should be.”

While the comment can be taken many different ways, several fans on Twitter took it the worst way possible, especially considering that Korey is Black and Bailey is white.

Twitter attacks Bailey’s mom after Love Island USA comments

Fans on Twitter responded to the Love Island USA comment.

“wait what Bailey mom means by ‘that’s how it should be,'” wrote @talia_332 on Twitter.

“‘The way it should be’ now that she’s with Jeremy instead of Korey… What do you mean by that Bailey’s mom??” wrote @DuhLeeCeeUh on Twitter.

“When Bailey mama said ‘the way it SHOULD be’ as a response to her being coupled w Jeremy even though Korey was her #1, what did she mean by that?! Is is because Korey is Bl…nvm,” wrote @Cynthia_RST on Twitter.

Bailey’s sister responds on Twitter

While Twitter users saw the worst in the comment, a person involved jumped up and took to the defense.

Rowan Marshall took to Twitter to explain what her mother meant by the comment.

“Hi i’m baileys twin! production cut down our hour conversation to the minute you saw in the episode,” Rowan wrote. “My mom said Bailey being with jeremy instead of Korey was how it should be because she deserves to be with someone who has eyes for her and only her!”

Her sister makes sense as well, as the comment could be taken any number of ways, but Bailey’s mother might have opened a can of worms that could sabotage her daughter’s chances at winning Love Island USA.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.