Love Island USA: Aimee Flores reveals her relationship status with Wes Ogsbury

Aimee and Wes from Love Island USA
Aimee and Wes from Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Aimee Flores left Love Island USA early, but she considered herself a winner from the reality dating show.

That is because Aimee left at the same time as Wes Ogsbury. The two were coupled up on the show, looking for love, and they continued dating after leaving the show.

Aimee and Wes posted lots of videos and photos after leaving the villa and fans followed along with their journey as the show still rolled on.

There was a fight and Aimee deleted photos of Wes from her Instagram profile, but she soon added them back and admitted she was meeting his family.

Last week, Aimee went to Instagram Live and gave Love Island USA fans an update on her relationship status.

Aimee and Wes from Long Island USA are no longer dating

Aimee Flores had a tough time on Love Island USA.

When Aimee came onto the show, Jeremy Hershberg chose to try his luck with her, dumping Trina Njoroge. Wes showed up and he showed interest in Cashay Proudfoot.

Jeremy ended up dumping Aimee and moving on and she tried her luck with Isaiah Harmison before dumping him and moving on to Wes.

That seemed like the best match, especially when they stuck together after leaving the villa.

While everything looked happy and Aimee declared herself the Love Island USA winner because she found love, things went wrong.

Aimee unfollowed Wes and deleted photos of him on Instagram, but then she later said that they were back together and trying to make it work again.

Now, she has said they are completely finished.

Aimee reveals the news to Love Island USA fans on Twitter

She started with a post on Twitter.

“First of all I love you all so much and I apologize for not communicating what has been going on with Wes and I,” Aimee wrote.

Aimee then mentioned that despite going on a televised reality dating show, she normally is a private person with her love life. However, she said she made an exception with Wes since they had fans invested in them.

“We are two young people that decided to get to know each other publicly and it didn’t work out and that’s ok,” she continued. “I’m thankful for the memories and wish him nothing but happiness and success.”

She finished by saying that both she and Wes are open to answering any “respectful questions” the fans have since they supported them so much with love.

Aimee Twitter
Pic credit: @aimeefloresbaby/Twitter

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus. Relive Season 3 right now on Paramount+ streaming.

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