Love Island Season 2 update: CBS gives fans hope for a new season this summer

Love Island USA may still return to CBS in Summer 2020.
Not all hope is lost for Love Island USA Season 2 to air this summer. Pic credit: CBS

CBS has given fans new hope that Love Island USA Season 2 will still air this summer. It may not happen when fans wanted, but the network is working hard to get the reality TV show on air this year.

Love Island Season 2 was slated to premiere on May 21. However, the casting process was halted due to coronavirus pandemic, placing the future of the reality TV show in flux.

Now the network is revealing the show has not been scrapped for the summer. A premiere date is still up in the air, though.

CBS gives fans Love Island USA Season 2 update

Kelly Kahl, president of CBS Entertainment, told Deadline the network is optimistic that Love Island will return for Season 2 this summer.

Kelly expressed the show will air later than the network initially wanted, but the season has not been scrapped.

The reason CBS can afford to move the show later in the summer is that Love Island USA has a quick production turnaround. Fans know episodes of the reality TV show air the night after it shoots, being touted as airing in real-time.

Backstage has a casting call for Love Island USA that expires at the end of May. Kelly didn’t speak to how far along in the process CBS was before it was stopped, but the casting call is another good sign.

Love Island USA Season 2 location

One issue the network is working on solving right now is where to shoot the next season of Love Island. As viewers know, the first season was shot in a private villa in Fiji.

The coronavirus pandemic is going to limit where the show can be filmed.

Kelly explained the network is currently looking at various locations where CBS can ensure all staff is safe. Depending on location, it will also impact when the show is up and running again.

The good news is that Kelly shared once CBS receives the green light to start shooting Love Island USA, it will only take a matter of days to get it on air.

Filming can’t begin until casting is complete, so that could be what holds up the reality TV show’s return.

Host Arielle Vandenberg and narrator Matthew Hoffman are both set to return for their respective duties.

Not all hope is lost for Love Island USA fans. CBS is optimistic all the logistics will fall in place, and the show will hit airwaves in 2020.

Love Island USA will hopefully return this summer on CBS.

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