Love Is Blind: Shake Chatterjee continues his feud with Nick Lachey, calls him ‘a washed up nobody’

Love Is Blind star, Shake Chatterjee, continues to share his thoughts on host, Nick Lachey.
Shake Chatterjee continues to share his thoughts on Nick Lachey. Pic credit: Netflix

Shake Chatterjee doesn’t seem to regret his previous comments about Nick Lachey after their feud from the Love Is Blind reunion. In fact, he’s circling back to his remarks and letting the world know he still feels the same way.

The veterinarian who went on the show to find love in the pods, ended up being the show’s biggest villain to date. His comments about the importance of physical appearance seemed to rub some viewers the wrong way, and he became the most talked-about cast member of the season.

And after making some questionable comments about Nick’s wife, Vanessa, it became clear the two men would not be friends anytime soon. However, that hasn’t stopped Shake from doubling down on his words and sharing how he really feels about Nick.

Shake says he has no regrets about his comments to Nick

After Shake held firm to the idea that physical attraction was important to him, it was suggested that maybe he didn’t quite understand how the show worked and that the process may not have been for him. In response, Shake revealed the only person on set he was attracted to was Vanessa Lachey. This seemed to cross the line with Nick, and the two have been at odds ever since.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Shake continued to share more of his thoughts on the feud between him and Nick Lachey. He’s stated that he doesn’t regret what he said to Nick and says he felt singled out by the Love Is Blind host during the reunion episode.

He says, “You single me out when you’re supposed to be an impartial host, like, bro, you’re a washed up nobody.”

He then seems to insinuate that Nick also went against the premise of the show due to the way he met his current wife, Vanessa. He says, “Is love blind or did you meet on the set of a music video?

Shake continued to take jabs at Nick by attacking his marriage to his ex-wife, Jessica Simpson. He shared his thoughts on how he felt Nick treated her, saying, “Honestly, he treated Jessica Simpson like garbage for years.” He says he believes Nick was jealous of Jessica’s career which caused him to treat her poorly.

During his interview, Shake commented on Nick’s singing career, suggesting that his time in the group 98 Degrees “never took off.” He also called Nick “an insecure guy” for getting angry that Shake said he was attracted to his wife.

Despite the ongoing drama, Nick has not publicly responded to Shake’s comments.

Shake’s life after Love Is Blind

Since the show has aired, Shake has gotten lots of attention and has even found love outside the pods.

He landed a podcast deal that will premiere on April 12. The podcast is titled Life Is Blurry, which references a comment he made at the reunion that love is not blind, but instead, it’s blurry. Shake says the podcast will discuss a variety of topics including love, cancel culture, and finances.

Shake has also confirmed he will be taking a break from his career as a veterinarian and will be relocating to Miami to focus on his podcast and other business ventures.

Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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