Love Is Blind villain Shake Chatterjee trolls Nick Lachey after dramatic reunion: ‘Say hi to Vanessa for me’

Love is Blind stars Shake Chatterjee and host Nick Lachey.
After a tense confrontation with host Nick Lachey, Love Is Blind star Shake Chatterjee called him out for a specific insult about his profession. Pic credit: Netflix

Season 2 of the hit Netflix show Love Is Blind was the wild ride fans of the first season were hoping for.

Although the season has come to an end, with the reunion airing just last week, the drama seems far from over. This is especially true thanks to Season 2’s villain Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, who not only managed to turn off his potential bride with his arrogance but also turned practically the entirety of the show’s fanbase against him.

By the time the reunion rolled around, it seemed that neither his castmates nor the reunion’s hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey had any patience for his unsolicited commentary throughout the special.

Now, it seems the frustration goes both ways as Shake recently lashed out at Nick Lachey for his treatment of him during the reunion.

Love Is Blind villain Shake Chatterjee calls out host Nick Lachey following tense Season 2 reunion

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Shake posted a screenshot from the reunion special calling out the Love Is Blind co-host for “dragging” comments made during the reunion.

In the caption accompanied by a screenshot from the reunion, Shake wrote, “Reunion summed up in a photo. You put a doctor on the show… of course you were going to see some critical thinking.”

He continued, “Speaking of which, @nicklachey you’re a massive twat for your comment dragging vets. You do realize that becoming a veterinarian considerably more difficult than becoming a human doc right?”

The referenced screenshot from the reunion showed Shake in the midst of his heated exchange with Nick Lachey while his castmates Kyle Abrams, Shayne Jansen, and Salvador Perez can be seen beside him visibly uncomfortable with the situation.

Shake concluded the post by taking a jab of his own, “Also consider learning how to be an impartial host before the season 3 reunion airs. Sorry I didn’t play along with your narrative like the rest of these puppets. Say hi to @vanessalachey for me.”

Shake engaged in a heated conversation with Nick and his wife Vanessa during the Love Is Blind reunion

During the reunion special, Shake’s true colors shone bright as he inserted several unsolicited opinions about the other couples from the season. While not entirely surprising considering his previous treatment of his ex Deepti Vempati, his behavior was certainly jarring.

At one point, after having enough of his sour attitude, Nick blasted Shake by stating the reason he became a veterinarian was because he didn’t know how to treat people decently.

Nick and Vanessa also pushed Shake to admit that he hadn’t entirely bought into the premise of Love Is Blind, and that contributed to the failure of his relationship with Deepti. Throughout the experiment, Shake found it nearly impossible not to base his relationship solely on Deepti’s looks — and he openly admitted he wasn’t attracted to her.

“Love is not purely blind to me. … I want it to be partially blind. I want it to be: ‘Love Is Blurry,’ OK?” he told the co-hosts.

While speaking to US Weekly, Deepti shared, “There’s a lot of things that he said that he didn’t say to my face and [things] I’ve heard from other cast members.”

“I just don’t have room for anybody in my life that doesn’t see me in the best way. And who could even think those types of thoughts, I guess. … I knew what I had to do.” she spilled.

Season 2 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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