Love is Blind Season 2 Reunion Red Wine Recap: A Shake Down

Love is Blind Season 2 Reunion Shake
In the Love Is Blind Season 2 Reunion, Shake did not do himself any favors. Pic credit: Netflix

Monsters and Critics columnist Liz Long recaps Love is Blind Season 2 with a little help from a glass of pinot (or two) …

Hello, my Love is Blind podlings, and welcome to my first Red Wine Recap of this odd little show that I’ve grown to love … a show about finding love in the pods … where people engage quicker than I can swipe left … but dangit to heck if some don’t actually work out in the end. (I’m looking at you, Lauren and Cameron …. not necessarily you, Amber and Barnett.)

Like most of you, when I first saw this show, I thought, no way can this be real. I mean, really, it’s almost as if these people are other-worldly. Who really is okay with proposing marriage (sight unseen) after having only two conversations? I don’t care how copious of notes you took, Sal … this is just downright weird!

But then we are reminded of the Season 1 couple that is Lauren and Cameron — a couple who is still going strong, and suddenly all is right in the Love is Blind Universe. I mean, am I the only one to have fleeting moments in her single life (albeit after a couple of glasses of pinot) when I honestly think I should sign up for this show because it would give me a better shot at love than being a bee in the Bumble hive?

Just me?

Oh, enough of that. Find your best golden goblet, friends, and let’s recap where we stand after Season 2 of this strange little show.

Love is Blind Season 2: Which couples got married?

Well, if you watched episode 10 (the finale), you know that two couples survived: Danielle and Nick and Jarrette and Iyanna.

The other three couples said no on their wedding day. Well, more specifically, Deepti said no – don’t get it twisted, Shake! Natalie also turned down Gary Busey, I mean Shayn, and Sal said “sorry, but I can’t” to Mallory (truly SHOCKING!).

Of course, you might have missed all this if you blinked, because I don’t know if production had a time-crunch or something, but as soon as one podling turned the other podling down, it was as if they had five seconds before they had to run away from the altar. (Adding yet another bizarre element to this oddly intriguing show.)

Oh, let’s just get to the reunion already, Liz. Was it as dramatic and spiteful as Season 1, you ask? You know, when Amber shunned flippy-hair Jessica over the prize that was Barnett?

Well, in a pod-shell … Yes. We had elements of drama … surprise … and f-bombs from Mrs. Lachey herself – oh my!

Love is Blind Season 2 Reunion: Shake looks like a fool

The biggest takeaway from the Love is Blind Season 2 Reunion is that Shake is, in fact, as much of a douche as we suspected (see Exhibit 1: Video below).

I’m sorry – but, come on. This guy could not shut up as he maintained he’s ‘just keeping it real’ – but all he really was doing was making himself look like a bigger a**.

Enter our hostess with the mostess, Vanessa Lachey, for a complete “Shake down!”

When Vanessa suggested that “my friend – I think you are just on the wrong show” (given his affinity for asking every woman in the pod something about her looks), he finally admitted, okay, so maybe I wanted to be on a show called “Love is Blurry.” THEN, he said the only woman he was attracted to was Vanessa!

Wow, Shake. Just wow.

I kinda loved Vanessa at this moment and did not think she would have dropped not one – but two f-bombs … but, hey, in the spirit of keeping it real …

The other takeaway of the show is that, well, really, Shake was the highlight. Deepti truly did not have to say a word, but, in the end, she said she was baffled at how he talks to people – specifically, women.

And how about Iyanna low-key calling Shake a narcissist.

In the end, we still have two happy couples. Danielle and Nick even showed us a home video of a cute little house tour, and Iyanna rocked a new hairstyle (the girl can do no wrong). Sal kept it classy – not inviting the world in on private conversations that led to his and Mal’s downfall, and Kyle was just a little too bitter for me. I mean, really, Shaina repeatedly “owned it” and “apologized” for accepting his proposal, but her apology wasn’t good enough for Kyle (what more could she have really done for you at that point?)

I’ll leave you with this video of our pal, Shake … it’s a wonder how this guy is still single.

What did you all think of this Season? Nick and Vanessa teased us with a new show they will be hosting: The Ultimatum, which actually looked quite interesting … one thing I noticed is that SILVER wine goblets will be used as opposed to our Love is Blind gold ones.

Love is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix, and the first eight episodes of The Ultimatum premiere on April 6 on Netflix, followed by the finale and reunion on April 13.

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