Love Is Blind: Iyanna McNeely joins TikTok and shares her thoughts on how the show was edited

Iyanna McNeely from Love Is Blind joins TikTok and shares her thoughts on the show.
Love Is Blind star Iyanna McNeely shares her thoughts about the show after joining TikTok. Pic credit: Netflix

Recently, Netflix released Season 2 of Love Is Blind – the social experiment where singles attempt to find love without meeting face to face.

Strangers agree to date while being isolated into individual pods, using talking through a wall as their only form of communication. If a connection is made, the couple gets engaged, and only then will they meet in person.

The show has become a hit for the streaming platform as fans quickly became invested in the budding romances. One cast member, in particular, Iyanna, won the hearts of many viewers. Now, she’s taking her newfound stardom to TikTok to stay connected to her fans and discuss her journey.

Iyanna McNeely joins TikTok and connects with fans

Just as the reunion episode of Love Is Blind was released, Iyanna became the latest cast member to join TikTok. The reality personality immediately gained thousands of followers with her first video – a compilation of photos and clips from her time on the show.

Iyanna captioned her video saying, “Wouldn’t take nothing from my journey,” a quote from Maya Angelou.

The comments section was quickly filled with fans and critics alike, who wanted to share their thoughts about Iyanna’s journey and her relationship with Jarrette. They also had some questions about different scenes, which allowed Iyanna to share her thoughts on some of the show’s editing.


“Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey” -Maya Angelou #loveisblind

♬ this is what falling in love feels like – JVKE

One fan brought up the issue of Jarrette dating multiple people, referencing his relationship with Mallory Zapata on the show. Prior to proposing to Iyanna, Jarrette proposed to Mallory first, however she turned him down, stating she had a stronger connection with someone else.

Iyanna McNeely from Love Is Blind responds to a fan's comments about her edits on the show.
Iyanna responds to a fan’s comment about dating multiple people and how she felt about the editing. Pic credit: iyanna.amor/TikTok

When addressing the fan’s comment, Iyanna stated, “The edit was a bit harsh,” acknowledging the love triangle between herself, Jarrette and Mallory may not have looked great to viewers. However, she joked that he was not the only one dating other people as she also “had options.”

Another fan commented that they felt the production team “added the ‘drama’ scenes” to the show because Iyanna and Jarrette appeared to have a good relationship. To that, Iyanna agreed, saying, “Girl, yes.”

Iyanna McNeely from Love Is Blind responds to comments about how her scenes were edited and her feelings after watching the show.
Iyanna responds to fan’s comments about edited scenes and her feelings while watching the show. Pic credit: iyanna.amor/TikTok

When a viewer asked Iyanna if watching the final cuts of the show brought up any emotions, Iyanna confirmed that they “definitely opened some wounds.” She continued to say, “some things were edited poorly” and “there was so much to our love story that wasn’t show[sic].”

Are Iyanna and Jarrette still together?

The reunion episode showed Iyanna and Jarrette together and discussed what married life has been like for them since filming ended. They admitted that married life was not easy, but they were committed to working together to make their relationship last.

Some time had passed since the filming of that episode, which may have fans wondering if the couple was able to make things work since the cameras went away.

Once the episode was released, the two went to their social media pages to give an update on their relationship. They are still together and seem to be enjoying married life. They each posted a collection of pictures on their Instagram pages that documents their time on the show. The posts were accompanied by personalized captions that expressed their love for one another and their feelings about participating in the social experiment.

Iyanna and Jarrette currently reside in Chicago and say they are happy to finally be able to live their lives together publicly.

Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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