Love in Paradise viewers have chosen a villain from the show

Amber and Daniel
Amber has been chosen as the Love in Paradise villain. Pic credit: TLC

Amber from Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story has earned a lot of backlash already for her behavior on the show and the opinions she shares. The show’s fan base pulse is saying that Amber is the villain of the new hit TLC show.

Amber’s naive expectations of her partner Daniel, the belief that he owes her money for financially supporting him during the coronavirus pandemic, and her quick to get angry nature are the traits that have earned her haters.

Critics think she likes to play the victim, is too hard on Daniel, and is not the catch she thinks she is.

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Love in Paradise viewers share their opinions of Amber Graney on social media

Amber’s pushy attitude and forever unsatisfied nature are the driving characteristics that Love in Paradise viewers are using to label her as the show’s villain.

One Twitter user offered their harsh take on what rubs them the wrong way about Amber’s personality. They said, “Amber has that white woman victim thing down PACT.”

Love in Paradise viewers critiqued Amber Graney. Pic credit: @bobafettyywapp/Twitter

Another person tweeted about what Amber’s attitude is taking away from Daniel when they said, “I’m gonna need Daniel to not give his youth up for Amber, who seems to be 30 going on 65.”

More opinions are shared about Amber Graney on Love in Paradise. Pic credit: @dc_90s_c/Twitter

One viewer was off-put when Daniel said that Amber looks really hot dancing. It appears that their disdain for Amber carried over onto Twitter because they posted a video clip of Brittany Spears looking perplexed with the caption reading, “Me watching Amber dance:”

Amber Graney and Daniel Salazar have a lot to overcome on Love in Paradise

Amber’s main concern is finding out if Daniel is in a relationship with her for the right reasons. She feels like she is being taken advantage of because she has been financially supporting Daniel and doesn’t feel she’s getting enough out of the relationship.

Daniel also brought up his intention to bring his mom and brother to America once he is there and married to Amber, which made Amber think that his priorities aren’t right.

If the pair is going to be successful in their K-1 visa process and build a healthy life together, they will need to improve their communication, and Daniel might need to try harder to make Amber happy.

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story airs Sundays on Discovery+.

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