Love in Paradise viewers bash Aryanna for being irresponsible

Aryanna Sierra
Critics of Aryanna voiced their opinions on her irresponsibility. Pic credit: TLC

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story’s Aryanna is being criticized by viewers who think she didn’t use good judgment when she got pregnant by Sherlon. Now, they don’t feel sorry for the difficult place she is in because of it.

Aryanna is trying desperately to get Sherlon to choose to come over to America on the K-1 visa and marry her so that they can raise their child together, but she is being met by a ton of resistance from him.

Sherlon says he doesn’t like to have difficult discussions or be pressured into making decisions, both of which Aryanna is doing. After knowing each other for just over fifteen days in total, viewers think it was irresponsible to have unprotected sex.

While they are both to blame, it seems like viewers are getting at Aryanna more because she doesn’t seem to be looking at the situation for what it is realistically.

Love in Paradise viewers criticized Aryanna Sierra for her naivity

The Love in Paradise audience thinks that Aryanna does not deserve any sympathy for the situation she is in now because she showed an extreme lack of judgment.

One critic started a Reddit thread titled, “I’ve lost sympathy for Aryanna. She didn’t use protection and is now worried a dude she only knew for 17 days is going to be committed to marriage and her child.”

Reddit thread about Aryanna Sierra
Love in Paradise viewers went in on Aryanna for her poor decisions. Pic credit: @u/catladydiva/Reddit

The subsequent Reddit discussion focused on all the warning signs that Aryanna ignored in their choice to unknowingly conceive a child. Sherlon never made promises that he didn’t have other children in different places or that he was ready to have a baby and get married.

In fact, he has quite adamantly dodged the hard questions and put up several red flags as to his readiness to take part in any of this with Aryanna.

One Redditor summarized it by saying, “This dude will never commit to her. he’s living the good life and has no reason to give it up for a woman he doesn’t even know. he’s probably got swinger babies all over the country.”

Other Redditors agreed with the sentiment that he probably has other children with other tourists that Aryanna doesn’t know about.

Reddit thread about Aryanna Sierra
Redditors gave their opinions on Aryanna’s situation. Pic credit: @u/catladydiva/Reddit

Aryanna Sierra and Sherlon McInnis need to figure it out for their incoming child

With their son just three months away from being born, Aryanna and Sherlon need to figure it out for the sake of their child’s future.

Aryanna is on her current trip to Jamaica with her family to ask the hard questions and try to understand if her dynamic with Sherlon is even going to work at all or if she will have to get used to being a single mom.

Sherlon has assured Aryanna and her mom that he will be there to provide and love his son, but he hasn’t said how he intends on doing that.

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story airs Sundays on Discovery+.

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