Love in Paradise: Does Sherlon have a selfish attitude or is he being realistic?

Sherlon McInnis
Sherlon’s avoidance of having a serious conversation with Aryanna about their future could be seen as selfish or realistic. Pic credit: TLC

Sherlon was on edge and even angry at times on the latest episode of Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story by Aryanna’s insistence that he thinks about what he wants for his future with her and their son.

Sherlon’s different reactions to tough circumstances could be seen as selfish or as his attempt at being realistic and true to himself when he was pushed by Aryanna for decisions.

With a baby due in three months, Aryanna does not want to do everything alone as she has been, but Sherlon has not been willing to take the responsibility she wants him to.

Sherlon McInnis pushed back against Aryanna Sierra’s line of questioning on Love in Paradise

Aryanna and Sherlon sat down beside the pool after Sherlon had just been grilled by Aryanna’s mom about his future plans but gave evasive answers.

The conversation between Aryanan and Sherlon was not much different, except for Sherlon saying that was not ready yet to have a serious conversation and that if she keeps pushing like she is, he is going to back away.

Sherlon values having a choice but may not be grasping the situation for what it is. Aryanna already sacrificed a lot being pregnant and alone, besides her family’s help, but Sherlon doesn’t seem to be meriting her for that.

Surprisingly, Sherlon agreed to see an immigration lawyer just to talk, but on the way there, he and Aryanna fought because Sherlon said he wanted to help his friend in need out with money. Aryanna told him he needs to take care of his family first before helping other people, which angered Sherlon.

Are Sherlon’s priorities mixed up? Is he not understanding that he has to be selfless now that he got himself into this situation? Or is he honoring what he believes is right for him in these circumstances?

Sherlon and Aryanna
Aryanna tried to put Sherlon in his place about his finances and what he does with them. Pic credit: TLC

Sherlon McInnis said he’s not ready to get married to Aryanna Sierra

During this episode, Sherlon said that he takes marriage very seriously and it broke his heart when his parents divorced when he was a child. With that said, he wants to make absolutely sure that Aryanna is the right girl and believes they simply have not spent enough time together.

A lot of his choices have been taken away, however, if he doesn’t want to be seen as a deadbeat dad like Aryanna and her mom are afraid he will become if he doesn’t come to America.

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story airs Sundays on Discovery+

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