Lisa Hamme is selling tickets to upcoming Zoom event to give 90 Day Fiance fans ‘closure’

90 Day Fiance personality Lisa Hamme.
90 Day Fiance personality Lisa Hamme is selling tickets to a Zoom event where she plans to give fans ‘closure’ on her relationship with Usman Umar. Pic credit: TLC

It seems Lisa Hamme isn’t ready to let go of her fifteen minutes of fame quite yet, although she claims the contrary.

And although her disastrous and short-lived marriage to Usman Umar is over, and it’s reported that she’s moved on with a new man, Lisa’s still willing to dish on their marriage.

Recently, Lisa promoted an exclusive Zoom event where she claims that she will be providing “closure” to her supporters.

Lisa promises to share information and ‘proof’ with her followers

In the initial promotion for the event, Lisa notes that she’s going to give her fans the closure they “deserve”.

“This Zoom is for YOU!” she writes. “On my Instagram account I have over 100,000 followers. Less than 100 tickets will be sold to this Zoom Event!”

She continues, “This is NOT my 2nd chance at fame or to be in the spotlight. This is about the closure I believe you deserve. I’m giving YOU the information first and proof to back it up!”

Lisa then informs that a select number of tickets will be sold for $5/each and clarifies that she wants to see her supporters there.

In another promotional video for the upcoming Zoom event, Lisa baits followers by “apologizing” to TLC.

“Hey everyone, it’s Baby Girl Lisa. As we get ready to take this journey into my Zoom, I want to take the time to publically apologize to TLC for the things that happened in Nigeria. I take full responsibility for the part that I played in it. With that being said, for more details join me Friday on my Zoom. Thanks.”

Though Lisa wasn’t clear about a specific date and time in her advertisements for the Zoom call, in the comments of one of them, she specified that the call would take place on Friday at 9 pm EST.

Lisa’s drama with Usman continues

Although their marriage lasted less than a year, the drama continues to play out as the couple takes shots at one another over social media.

Earlier this year, Usman accused Lisa of withholding a $26,000 check for Cameo appearances that he’d made. Because he’s based in Nigeria, in order to claim his money he would either have to set up a PayPal account or arrange for someone in America to accept the check on his behalf and wire-transfer the funds to him.

He thought he could trust Lisa, but instead, she withheld the funds from him.

Lisa also went ahead and burned her wedding dress on what would have been the couple’s first wedding anniversary.

At the time, she captioned the post, “A gift for him on Our 1st Anniversary!!!!”

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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