Sojaboy accuses Lisa Hamme of scamming him after she refuses to send his $26,000 Cameo check

Usman calls Lisa a scammer
Is Lisa Hamme scamming Usman? Pic credit: TLC

Usman and Babygirl Lisa squared off on social media once again, with scammer allegations being levied by both parties.

The two have been at odds since the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Couples’ Tell All was taped and Usman shared that his wife called him the N-word.

TLC did not share this information during their edited Tell All, but the leaked version was enough for fans, and they made a public outcry for her firing.

While TLC has not made an official statement, it was revealed that the 52-year-old has been allegedly fired from the network. She has not been a part of the new B90 Strikes Back spinoff.

From the interactions we saw of the couple during the Tell All, it’s clear that they are still at odds and last night’s public drama is further evidence.

Usman tells all on Instagram Live

We’ve heard Lisa time and time again refer to her husband as a scammer, but now he’s the one wondering who the scammer really is.

It seems Sojaboy and Babygirl Lisa got into an argument yesterday and once again, she accused him of being a scammer.

This was the last straw for the usually calm Nigerian native who shared a message on Instagram, telling his fans that a video would soon follow.

In the post, he revealed that, despite Lisa calling him the  N-word, he has sacrificed a lot to make her happy. He also claimed to have lost his job because of her.

Sojaboy shares a message in IG stories

As promised the TLC alum took to Instagram Live and shared proof that he received over 26,000 dollars for being on Cameo and Lisa is refusing to send the money to him.

Sojaboy says Lisa is blackmailing him

The 31-year-old explained that he joined Cameo but the money he makes from that platform is sent to Lisa Hamme in the U.S.

“Because the Cameo company does not have any provision for Cameo artist when they open the company. So it’s either I apply through PayPal or I have to appoint someone to get the money for me,” Usman explained.

He appointed Lisa so that the checks are sent in her name and the arrangement is for her to then wire the money to his account.

Usman shared a screenshot of the check that was sent to him from Cameo.

It is dated June 12 and is made out to Lisa Hamme. It also clearly says “For Sojaboy Entertainment.” Unfortunately, Usman says Lisa is trying to blackmail him and has refused to wire the money –despite promising to send it in 24 hours.

Lisa wants Usman to go on social media and tell people that what happened on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days was scripted and to publicly apologize to her.

He shared, “I said that I would not do that. You have to send my money. She refused.”  He added, “She started to say that she is going to send my money to charity.”

Lisa actually shared some screenshots of the text conversation between her and Usman’s brother and it actually proves that she indeed says she will donate his money to charity.

In the message, her reason for not sending him the money is that he has been scamming her for two years.

Lisa proves Usman's claims that she's donating his money to charity
Pic credit:@baby_girl_lisa_2020/Instagram

Unfortunately for Usman, it’s not clear if he may just have to call this one a loss or if he can take legal action against his wife.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is now on hiatus.

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Victoria stowey
Victoria stowey
3 years ago

Seriously Lisa this is not the way to go about things the least you could do is send him half of it. You are married to him so half is yours. Forget about who said what your not kids in a playground. Enjoy the money it’s hard to come by nowadays.

meghan mayor
meghan mayor
3 years ago

I watched Usman’s live, and what wasn’t clear to me or some of the other viewers was whether the $26,000 was in U.S. dollars or Nigerian currency. Not that Lisa should be keeping his money in either case, but if it’s Nigerian currency it works out to about $68 USD.
Does anyone know if this “Cameo” company is American or Nigerian? And does anyone know what they are paying him for, exactly? I know people get 90 Day Fiance alum to do interviews and promotions and stuff, but $26,000 USD seems like an awful lot for that sort of thing.

Susan Strauss
Susan Strauss
3 years ago

If you check ‘Cameo’ it’s ‘temporarily unavailable’ for Sojaboy lmao. He claims to be a platinum recording artist, actor, CEO and the laughs go on! There’s no way $26,000 from the Cameo app is US money. It’s an app where B-listers will do a few second video to you (or whomever) for money. Sojaboy isn’t even a B-lister. This is just laughable.

3 years ago

He needs to cancel the contract to have the money go through her, they can easily cancel that checkand all he needs to do is set up a paypal account and have them pay him – anyone with a paypal account would help him out rather than have him scammed. The company is legally responsible for cancelling the check if its obvious the recipient is not going to get it. Legally he just needs to tell them she can no longer be the intermediary as she’s untrustworthy!

Patricia Moultrie
Patricia Moultrie
3 years ago

She got u before u got her.