Lindsey Georgoulis talks bisexuality and dating older men

Lindsey Georgoulis
MAFS star Lindsey Georgoulis answers fans’ questions. Pic credit: Lifetime

Lindsey Georgoulis recently opened up about her dating life and relationship standards.

The Married at First Sight star got divorced from Mark Maher and is back on the dating scene.

Along with admitting to friends and followers that dating has been disappointing, Lindsey also shared about her sexuality, experience with older men, and seemingly fired shots at her ex, Mark the Shark.

Lindsey Georgoulis says ‘the lady pond’ is not for her

Lindsey Georgoulis took to her Instagram Stories and allowed fans to ask her questions.

One fan wanted to know, “Are you bisexual?”

Lindsey gave a clear answer, writing, “No. Women are beautiful but the lady pond isn’t for me personally. Not even in college.”

Lindsey then referenced her strained relationship with her mother, which she also touched on during her stint on Married at First Sight Season 14.

The MAFS star wrote, “I don’t trust women enough to be romantically attracted to them. #mommyissues.”

Lindsey Georgoulis' Instagram story
Pic credit: @asknurselindsey/Instagram

Lindsey Georgoulis shares the largest age gap between her and a partner

Fans had more questions about Lindsey’s dating life, particularly about her experience dating a significantly older man than her. 

A follower asked, “What was the age gap of the older guy you dated and why did it end?” 

Lindsey replied, “Which one? The most I’ve entertained was 22 years. I think after 50 men who don’t want kids don’t want them. So that’s typically my cap.” 

Lindsey Georgoulis' Instagram story
Pic credit: @asknurselindsey/Instagram

Having kids is important to Lindsey, and she elaborated on her desire for children when a fan asked, “At what age will you say ‘no’ to kids?” 

Lindsey answered, “Never. If I can’t have babies without science I’ll adopt or foster. I don’t need a man. I want one.” 

Lindsey Georgoulis' Instagram story
Pic credit: @asknurselindsey/Instagram

Lindsey Georgoulis throws shade at men 

A fan sought advice from Lindsey, asking, “Best way to meet a good man[?]” 

Lindsey got shady in her response, writing, “[The f**k] if I know. I Tried marriage at first sight. I’ve yet to find a man ready to give up the h*e life. If you figure it out, lmk.” 

Lindsey Georgoulis' Instagram story
Pic credit: @asknurselindsey/Instagram

It appears Lindsey lumped MAFS ex Mark Maher into her assessment of men “not ready to give the h*e life.”

In the past, Lindsey accused Mark of sliding into women’s DMs behind her back, including allegedly engaging with Lindsey’s friends and rival costar Alyssa Ellman. Mark Maher denied her claims. 

As Lindsey continues to date and enjoys life in California, time will tell if she finds her second husband. 

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, July 6, on Lifetime. 

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Debbie Henson Williams
Debbie Henson Williams
1 year ago

She will forever be alone. She needs a shrink. Mark is a good guy but she couldn’t control her emotions. I hope she gets therapy because no man is ever going to allow himself to be treated the way she treated Mark. She has good qualities, just no emotional maturity.