Lindsey Georgoulis accuses husband Mark Maher of sliding in Alyssa Ellman’s DMs, calls Alyssa a ‘cockroach’

Mark Maher and Alyssa Ellman
Lindsey Georgoulis drops a bombshell during Married at First Sight: Afterparty. Pic credit: Lifetime

Lindsey Georgoulis spilled major tea on the latest episode of Afterparty.

Lindsey, one of the most recurring guests on the Married at First Sight after show, has consistently dropped bombshells regarding what allegedly went down with the cast behind the scenes, and this recent episode was no exception. 

In a moment that made host Keshia Knight Pulliam’s jaw drop, Lindsey alleged that her husband Mark Maher had slid into costar Alyssa Ellman’s DMs during their marriage. 

Lindsey Georgoulis says Mark Maher was ‘shady’ in their marriage 

During Afterparty, Lindsey reacted to a scene from the show where Mark rated their marriage. While Mark gave Lindsey high remarks for her supportiveness, he gave her a 6 for her ability to listen to him and genuinely hear him out. 

Keshia asked Lindsey how she felt about the clip, and Lindsey shockingly shared, “I think it was really tough for me to listen to him when he was being so shady and sliding in Alyssa’s DMs.”

The news surprised Keshia, who asked, “So during this moment has he been communicating with Alyssa?”

Lindsey confirmed this information and fired shots at her rival Alyssa, stating, “Yeah. First of all, Alyssa’s like a cockroach that never disappeared, okay? Alyssa’s coming by this apartment every single day.”

Lindsey elaborated about how Mark and Alyssa allegedly remained in contact on social media, sharing that Mark had mentioned Alyssa saw his Instagram story, and then she came by the building for a visit. 

This led Lindsey to question Mark as she recalled asking him about Alyssa, saying, “‘Hold up, y’all are friends with each other on Instagram?’”

Lindsey continued, “And he’s like ‘Yeah.’ I’m like ‘Well, are you privately messaging her too?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah well, uh, I messaged her to see how she was doing post-cameras.’ And I was like, ‘Why? She’s not your friend; she’s not our friend, she doesn’t wish us well, so why would you engage with her?’”

When Keshia inquired about how Mark answered Lindsey’s questions, Lindsey claimed that Mark responded by saying, “‘Oh you know I just want to be nice to everybody and I want everybody to like me’ and I was like, ‘Well, you should work on that.’”

Olajuwon substantiates Lindsey’s claims about Alyssa 

Olajuwon, who was also a guest on Afterparty, confirmed that Alyssa was often at the apartments with the couples despite her divorce from Chris Collette. 

Olajuwon expressed, “Alyssa and Chris went through a tough time during the process, so Alyssa — if you don’t want to be next to somebody, you try to cling to everybody else that’s in the process. We all need support. So I could see where Lindsey, if she’s uncomfortable, I could see where it could offend her. Like ‘Hey, you’re already messaging my husband, but I don’t need you in my presence.’”

Since Alyssa blocked Lindsey after their Bachelorette party, Lindsey added, “You can’t block me and then come to my husband. Come on now.”

While Lindsey and Alyssa seemed to have a lot of tension between each other, Olajuwon and Lindsey revealed on Afterparty that they had resolved their differences after their honeymoon spat.

Olajuwon and Lindsey reportedly even became a support system for one another throughout the MAFS process, realizing they had certain traits in common such as their blunt communication style. 

With Lindsey and Alyssa having so much tension, it remains to be seen how the two ladies will potentially address one another during the MAFS reunion and if Alyssa and Mark will confirm or deny Lindsey’s claims. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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2 years ago

I don’t agree with Lindsey on much, because she’s a fruitcake alcoholic, but I agree with her on this one…..Alyssa IS a cockroach, and just a mean female that was only in the show for her 15 minutes of fame! She’s THE worst female that’s EVER been on MAFS, she treated Chris like dirt, and contrary to what she believes, SHE IS NOT A “NICE” PERSON!!!!