Leah Messer responds after Teen Mom 2 fan tells her that she owes Corey Simms an apology

Leah Messer during an episode of Teen Mom 2
Leah Messer faces backlash after she tells a fan that Corey Simms owes her an apology and not the other way around Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer responded to a fan after they said she owed Corey Simms an apology for the way she portrayed him to fans while she struggled with addiction. Leah’s response received a lot of backlash from fans.

During the most recent episode, Leah talked to Corey about how she wished he and his wife Miranda would have been more supportive of her during the time period when she struggled with drug addiction.

She said she was terrified to admit that she had a problem because Corey had threatened to take their daughters from her on several occasions.

Leah told Corey that when she looks back on that time in her life, she wished the three of them could have communicated better.

Corey expressed that they tried to be supportive initially, but after a while, they became frustrated by the situation. He admitted that they all could have communicated better at the time, but he was happy with the way they were co-parenting currently.

A fan took to Instagram and said that Leah owed Corey an apology for the way she demonized him and made him look bad on the show when he was just trying to protect his daughters.

Leah did not take too kindly to the comment. In a post that has since been deleted, Leah expressed that she felt he owed her an apology instead.

She said that going through addiction while being fearful she could lose everything was hard. She said if Corey had created a safe place for her to openly discuss her problems, that things would have gone a lot better.

Leah Messer responds to fan on Instagram
Leah Messer tells a fan that Corey owes her an apology for the way he treated her when she battled a drug addiction Pic credit: @Teenmomtalktmt/Instagram

Fans defend Corey

While Leah quickly deleted her comment, fans still wasted no time sharing their opinion on the situation. Many of them felt her portrayal of Corey during that time period was unfair.

One fan said, “Corey definitely deserves an apology! I remember him getting dragged at the time because “how dare he try and take the kids away from their mother” ? The public was very unfair to Cory when he was trying to be a good father. Leah needs to take FULL accountability”

A fan defends Corey after Leah says he owes her an apology
A fan defends Corey after Leah says he owes her an apology Pic credit: @darlingnicki___/Instagram

Another fan insisted that despite Leah’s desire for a safe space, no one struggling with addiction is capable of effectively caring for their children until they get the help they need.

The fan said, “Losing everything if you owned your struggle with addiction” and “safe space”…. ? there is no safe space for you to not lose your kids while you are dealing with an addiction. Corey was right to want the girls out of her custody while she was dealing with that. It is selfish and neglectful to not understand that and want it too. You cannot be a safe, fully functioning parent while addicted. Im glad she eventually got the help she needed and can now be a great, strong, mother to her girls.”

Fan defends Corey after Leah says he owes her an apology
Fan defends Corey after Leah says he owes her an apology Pic credit: @hmlowry/Instagram

Leah opens up about her addiction in her new book

Leah opened up about her addiction in her new book titled, “Hope, Grace, and Faith” named for her three daughter’s middle names.

During a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, she said that she wanted to write the book in hopes that others would know they aren’t alone and they don’t have to feel ashamed.

She mentioned her childhood traumas coupled with the challenges of being a teen mom, and the pressures of being on film, as some of the factors that led her down a bad path.

Leah said it was hard for her to face the initial backlash once she owned up to her past, but she knew there was nothing to be ashamed of and she hoped others would be inspired to own their story.

She said she hoped her book could help make a difference for someone else.

Even though Leah thinks Corey owes her an apology, the former couple appears to be communicating well with each other. Corey has yet to comment on Leah’s recent social media post.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.


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