Leah Messer reveals plan to release book on Teen Mom 2

Leah Messer on Teen Mom 2
Leah reveals that she has another book coming. Pic credit: MTV

Leah Messer has a lot on her plate, raising her three daughters mostly on her own. But that hasn’t stopped the Teen Mom 2 star from piling on even more projects as she continues to share more and more about her life.

In a sneak peek of the latest episode of the MTV series, Leah reveals her plan to release a book titled, “Hope, Grace, and Faith” named for her three daughter’s middle names.

Leah describes the book as an “autobiography and self-help book.”  She says to a producer, “It’s way deeper than what I thought it was gonna be because I’ve talked about things that I never thought I’d even talk about.”

In the scene, Leah receives a call from her editor, as she checks on the progress of the book.  Leah explains they had been working on the book for a couple of months.

Leah goes on to say, “There are so many reasons behind me wanting to write this book.  I feel like I’ve experienced so much in my lifetime that I haven’t been completely honest about and I feel like I’m ready.”

The sneak peek then flashes to a clip from a previous season of Teen Mom 2 which shows ex-husband Corey Simms asking her if she has a drug problem and saying he thinks she’s “afraid to tell him.”

Leah goes on to explain that she was afraid of the repercussions and how everyone would look at her or that Corey could use it against in her court.

Leah added, “I want others not to feel alone or ashamed.”

Leah admits to drug addiction

The sneak peek comes following Leah’s recent appearance on the Knockin Doorz Down podcast presented by KDD media, where she revealed the story behind her past drug use and just how bad things got for her.

Leah discussed struggles she faced during her childhood such as witnessing her own father’s prescription pill dependency and admitting to a family history of addiction.

She described the physical, sexual, and mental abuse she faced while having multiple baby sitters while her mom worked multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Her childhood traumas coupled with the challenges of being a teen mom, and the pressures of being on film, led her down a difficult path.

In 2013, following a botched epidural, Leah recalled the time she was given pain medication and identified that as when her dependency began.  She admitted to buying drugs off the streets and even trying heroin once.

Leah attended rehab at a facility in Arizona where she received intensive therapy and has continued down her path to recovery.

Leah hopes to help others

Leah is beginning to open up about her past in hopes that it will help others going through similar struggles. She added, “I know it’s gonna make a difference for someone else.”

She said, “It was hard for me to hear all the backlash and the hate.  I was afraid of the way I’d be looked at.  It’s nothing I should be ashamed of.  I want others to own their stories.”

Based on the sneak peek, it appears fans will get a glimpse into more of her story as she continues to maintain her recovery and be the best version of herself for her little girls.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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