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Laura Jallali calls Evelin Villegas ‘pure evil’ as she warns that the truth is coming

Laura Jallali and Evelin Villegas
Laura Jallali has responded to Evelin’s accusations. Pic credit: TLC

Laura Jallali knows what Evelin Villegas said about her in a recent Instagram Live with 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates and she’s preparing to pay her back.

The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star responded to a John Yates DM recently when he asked her why Evelin had so many bad things to say about her.

According to Laura, Evelin told Yates and the world about why their friendship ended because she is “pure evil.”

John Yates also asked Laura if she was really trying to get between Evelin and Corey so that she can be Corey’s roommate. And while Laura didn’t answer the question directly, she did say, “The truth will be coming out soon.”

Then, Laura went further, saying, “Factual truth! Not gossip… anybody can say bs but you need actual evidence to back things up. Her day is coming very very soon about her real truth her real story.”

Evelin Villegas aired out Laura’s dirty laundry in John Yates’ Instagram Live

Laura Jallali’s response comes just days after Evelin Villegas spent nearly 45 minutes spilling all the tea about her former friend and The Other Way castmate.

Evelin explained why Laura came to Ecuador in the first place. It turns out that she invited Laura to come visit after Aladin Jallali dumped her during the Tell All taping, leaving her in shock. Little did Evelin know that Laura would not only come to Ecuador but so far, she has not left.

Then, Evelin accused Laura of causing a bit of chaos as Laura tried to stir up drama for Evelin and Corey. That came about because Corey was considering being Laura’s roommate, at least temporarily.

Laura was having trouble paying the rent and Evelin still wanted some space after all the drama in recent months, so the roommate situation could have been a good solution. But Evelin accused Laura of going out of her way to cause problems for the couple and that was the push she needed to end the friendship.

Evelin was worried Laura might try to take her down

Now, Evelin has said that she never wants to see Laura again. She also told John Yates that she’s worried that Laura will go out of her way to tell all her secrets. If she does, Evelin says she has plenty of receipts to share too.

Based on Laura’s conversation with John Yates, it looks like she plans to do just that. 90 Day Fiance fans likely haven’t heard the end of the feud between Laura and Evelin as Laura has warned those watching to “stay tune [sic].”

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