Latest 16 & Pregnant star Taylor has baby daddy drama in season finale

16 & Pregnant star Taylor goes through family and baby daddy drama in season finale
Taylor has baby daddy drama in season finale of 16 & Pregnant. Pic credit:MTV

The Season finale of 16 and Pregnant featured 18-year-old Taylor, who hails from the small town of Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin.

The shy brunette was in a rebellious phase of partying and drinking when she met her now baby daddy Armani.

However, two months into dating Taylor found out that Armani was cheating on her, so they broke up.

But a few weeks later Taylor found out that she was pregnant.

The story gets a little more interesting after the pregnant teen started to date Armani’s friend Desmond.

And as you can imagine things got quite awkward between the trio as Taylor’s ex and current boyfriend wanted to both play a role in raising the baby.

However, during her appearance on the popular MTV show, Taylor also confessed that she considered abortion.

Taylor wanted to get an abortion

The 16 & Pregnant star admitted during the show that after finding out that she was pregnant she considered aborting the baby.

I had actually planned on getting an abortion, but when the time came to do it, I couldn’t go through with it,” noted Taylor.

Taylor and her mom, Tina, went to Planned Parenthood and were bombarded by pro-life protestors outside of the clinic.

“She came out of there and just cried and cried,” recounted Tina. “And we were chased out of the parking lot.”

“The day came for me to actually go and do it. And I woke up and I just couldn’t go,” admitted Taylor.

After deciding to keep the baby, Taylor’s tense relationship with her ex continued to play out.

But after a meeting with both families, the teens decided that they would try to be great co-parents when the baby arrived.

However, after the baby was born things took a turn for the worse.

Taylor gives birth and drama ensues

The 16 & Pregnant star eventually gave birth to a baby boy who they named Montgomery ( Monty).

After the baby’s birth, Armani wanted to visit the baby four times per week and Taylor agreed to those terms.

However, Taylor’s dad Corey had a separate chat with Armani and told him that Taylor did not actually want him to visit four times per week.

This angered the teen and he threatened Corey in a series of angry messages.

He also spouted off a few angry texts to Taylor.

The teen parents and their families met up once again to discuss visitation and things got heated between them.

Taylors family informed Armani and his family that they spoke with an attorney regarding visitation rights for Monty.

So it will now be up to the state of Wisconsin to decide on how much time baby Monty will spend with each parent.

For now Taylor is raising Monty with the help of her parents and boyfriend Desmond.

16 & Pregnant is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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