Kylie Jenner questioned about drastic 3-day transformation, skeptics don’t believe it’s true

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner has a supposed drastic change in three days. Pic credit: ©

Fans have been speculating on whether or not Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are married after having their second child together. In addition to the relationship speculation, Kylie had the internet talking once again after a post surfaced comparing two photos showing Kylie’s post-baby body. Both photos are reported to have been taken within three days of the other, however the differences have people questioning the authenticity of at least one.

The couple has a daughter together, Stormi Webster, and they recently had a baby boy just a couple of months ago. The stark differences between the two photos has critics wondering how Kylie underwent such a drastic change in so little time.

Critics are speculating on two photos of Kylie Jenner that don’t seem to add up post-pregnancy

Currently, fans are speculating on two photos that have been circulating on social media of her post-pregnancy body and how the two photos were reportedly taken three days apart from one another, which do not match up.

Reddit posted a photo of Kylie walking down the street in tennis shoes, black jeans, and a black hoodie. Just two months, post-partum, Kylie looked like any new mother still shedding her baby weight – completely normal.

However, in the next picture listed, Kylie has all of a sudden lost all of that baby weight, and donned a skin-tight white dress, supposedly only three days after the first picture was taken.

What did Kardashian/Jenner viewers have to say about the two photos?

Fans were not believing it when they saw both the photos and the timeline they were taken.

In fact, the first person who commented, stated, “I read that she hired her own photographer for the event and didn’t walk the press line. That’s why if you look on Getty images there’s not a single photo of her. So, it’s probably heavily photoshopped.”

Another person responded to that post and wrote, “This is the right answer. Just saw a tik tok saying the same thing.”

Pic credit: @u/1989xppcu/Reddit

Another criticized the reality of passing this off as real when that critic wrote, “She probably could have even created her own backdrop and floral arrangements to look like the same place tbh.”

Pic credit: @u/1989xppcu/Reddit

Others couldn’t believe the lengths that Kylie would go to just eight weeks after giving birth to make herself seem and look as she was before pregnancy.

One viewer even posted, “Wow! Who would really go to these lengths to appear so ‘perfect’ right after giving birth!? I find it so hard to believe that she would care that much like she clearly was ok being seen [at] Disneyland all-natural, and she looks great by the way.”

Pic credit: @u/1989xppcu/Reddit

Fans agree that Kylie must feel there is a stigma that celebrities and stars have to bounce right back to their pre-pregnancy look just days or weeks after the birth of a baby.

However, according to these posts, it’s obvious that fans just want to see the true and real Kylie post-pregnancy, because having a baby and gaining weight is a natural thing.

In other Kylie news, she and Travis have yet to reveal their son’s new name. While they originally named their son, Wolf, there has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the name as Kylie’s former friend, Tammy Hembrow, also has a son named Wolf. She and her fans have accused Kylie of copying her child’s name.

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