Kris Jenner trolled mercilessly for promoting cleaning products

Kris Jenner close up
Fans call out Kris Jenner for promoting clean products. Pic credit: ©

Kris Jenner came under fire on Tuesday, after she posted a short video of herself on her Instagram. 

The Kardashians matriarch was promoting some of the products from her cleaning brand Safely.

The same video was also posted to the company’s Instagram account. 

In the caption, @getsafely wrote, “@krisjenner Favorite Kit is now Live!” Adding that fans could have a chance to win Kris’ Safely staples.

In the short clip, Kris wore a beautiful red power suit with a black top underneath. The momager had on a smoky eye and nude lip as she seemed to read from a prompter. 

She said, “My favorite Safely products are the all-time OGs of the line, which is the hand wash, the sanitizer, and the hand lotion.” 

The businesswoman added, “I always have that in every sink in my house. But beyond that, I love the universal cleaner. I just love it because I can clean everything.”

Fans take digs at Kris Jenner for promoting cleaning products

Kris’ followers were quick to react after she posted the short clip, on social media. 

Some fans were very pleased with the clip. 

One fan wrote, “Obsessed @krisjenner the only cleaner I use!” To which the company replied, “Thank you for your support!”

kris jenner safely screenshot
Pic credit: @krisjenner/Instagram

However, other followers weren’t convinced. Some noted that Kris was reading from a script and others said that they doubted the reality TV star cleaned her own house.

Another follower wrote mockingly, “ ‘Because I can clean anything.’ Yeah like she actually cleans anything.”

kris jenner safely screenshot
Pic credit: @krisjenner/Instagram

Another user wrote, “not the scripted.”

kris jenner safely screenshot
Pic credit: @krisjenner/Instagram

Fans doubt Kris Jenner cleans after she promotes her cleaning products

Many of her 49.5 million followers echoed the same sentiment, saying they doubted Kris Jenner did her own cleaning. 

One detractor wrote with a laughing emoji, “Like she ever cleans.”

kris jenner safely screenshot
Pic credit: @krisjenner/Instagram

Safely’s products are plant-powered and don’t feature harsh chemicals. However, the Kardashian-Jenner clan are often called out for their hypocrisy in promoting these green products.

Kylie Jenner was recently dubbed as a climate criminal

Kris’s youngest daughter Kylie Jenner was also recently under fire for taking very short trips in her jet. Fans slammed her for taking a 12-minute flight on her private jet, Kylie Air. She only traveled 26 miles and the trip would have taken less than 38 minutes by car. 

Kylie has taken flights as short as 3 minutes. The internet came for her and slammed her as a climate criminal.

On Twitter, a user wrote, “Europe is on fire, meanwhile Kylie Jenner is taking 15-minute trips in her private jet. I could recycle everything, buy all my clothes second-hand, compost, and grow my own food for the rest of my life and it wouldn’t even begin to offset the footprint from one of her flights.”

kylie jenner climate criminal
Pic credit: @caralisette/Twitter

The Kardashian-Jenner clan loves to promote a healthy and clean lifestyle. However, they are constantly trolled for their use of private jets on very short trips and enormous carbon footprint. 

Season 2 of The Kardashians is expected to return on September 22nd on Hulu.

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