Kris Jenner speaks on chaotic Blac Chyna incident, says ‘she tried to murder’ Rob Kardashian

Kris Jenner beleices Blac Chyna was trying to kill Rob Kardashian.
Kris Jenner opens up about Blac Chyna in court. Pic credit: ©

The trial between Blac Chyna and The Kardashians has shed more light on the toxic relationship between Rob Kardashian and his former fiancee.

One incident that has taken center stage at the trial is the allegation that Blac Chyna held a gun to Rob’s head during a 2016 altercation. As far as Kris was concerned, Chyna’s goal was to murder Rob.

When Blac Chyna took the stand recently, she claimed the incident, which involved her holding a gun to Rob’s head, was just her way of being funny. However, Kris does not think Chyna’s action was a joke!

Kris Jenner thinks Blac Chyna tried to murder Rob Kardashian

Kris Jenner recently took the stand in the lawsuit filed against her and her daughters Kim, Khloe, and Kylie Jenner.

During her testimony, The Kardashians star was asked about the altercation that occurred between Rob and Chyna in December of 2016.

PEOPLE shared some of the highlights from Kris Jenner’s testimony and noted that when asked if she felt Chyna tried to murder her son, she responded, “I do.” 

“I was told she put a gun to his head. I was told she tried to strangle him with the phone cord, and she was intoxicated,” shared Kris. “I was told it was complete chaos. It was scary. It was a mess.”

As for the aftermath of the altercation, the 66-year-old told the court that Rob said his “shirt was ripped.” She also said he was “upset” and “hysterically crying.”

“He was more upset than anything,” noted Kris. “It was a hectic situation…He was very upset and disheveled.”

Kris Jenner reveals why she didn’t call the police on Blac Chyna

The Kardashians star continued to dish about the shocking incident in court and reiterated her sentiment that Blac Chyna was trying to kill her son.

The famous momager also revealed more of what Rob Kardashian shared with her about the situation, including his claim that Chyna was “hitting him with a metal pole.”

Despite the traumatic incident, Kris noted that the former couple’s 5-year-old daughter Dream was her main concern at the time, and it weighed into her decision not to call the police.

The mom-of-six told the court that the family was also “trying to figure out the best way to deal with this as a family.”

Kris shared that the hostile situation was diffused thanks to her security team, all former LAPD officers.

“It was complete devastation and turmoil,” said Kris. “This was just a horrible situation… They couldn’t even be in the same room together. I was traumatized.”

The Kardashians airs on Thursdays on Hulu.

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