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Blac Chyna explains why she put a gun to Rob Kardashian’s head, wrapped an iPhone cord around his neck

Blac Chyna testifies about domestic fight with Rob Kardashian.
Blac Chyna has shared what happened during her heated fight with ex-Rob Kardashian. Pic credit: ©

Blac Chyna has explained why she put a gun to Rob Kardashian’s head and wrapped an iPhone cord around his neck when they were dating.

The long-awaited trial involving the lawsuit Chyna has brought against the Kardashian family has finally begun in Los Angeles. Chyna has accused Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner of canceling her reality show Rob & Chyna and ruining Chyna’s burgeoning reality TV career. She wants the famous family to pay her $100 million for damages for defamation and interference.

Blac Chyna calls putting a gun to Rob Kardashian’s head and wrapping iPhone cord around his neck a joke

The Real Blac Chyna star took the stand to explain the hostile night between her and Rob. They were celebrating the exciting renewal of Rob & Chyna for Season 2. However, things turned south with the happy occasion becoming violent.

During her testimony, Blac Chyna answered questions about the night, which is at the center of the lawsuit. Chyna claims Rob’s jealous side caused their celebration to turn into a heated fight while detailing her actions from that evening.

According to NBC News, after sharing that she “smashed a gingerbread house” and “damaged a TV,” Chyna was asked about wrapping the iPhone cord around Rob’s neck.

When asked about the incident with the iPhone cord by attorney Michael G. Rhodes, she spilled it was a joke.

“I came up behind him, doing that jokingly to get his attention,” Chyna expressed.

Dream Kardashian’s mom also testified that she and Rob both knew it was a joke and was meant to be funny. As for the gun incident, Chyna explained Rob was on FaceTime in the bedroom when she picked up the gun.

“He was already messing with it, that’s why I grabbed it. I was being funny while he was on FaceTime with his friends,” she stated.

Did Blac Chyna harm Rob Kardashian?

The testimony also featured Chyna declaring she never hurt or harmed Rob. She explained his jealous side caused her anger but that she did not hit him at all. She also admitted to moving out of the house that same day.

As for what set off Chyna’s anger, it was Rob taking her phone to find proof she was cheating on him.

“In the past there had been a cycle of him taking my phone and posting things from it, and I was really getting sick of it,” Chyna explained.

Blac Chyna claims she isn’t suing the Kardashian family as a publicity stunt or as a ploy to advance her career.

The Kardashians airs Thursdays on Hulu.

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  1. Personally if you guys can start suing for stupidity and just publicity I think its only fair you guys get sentences like any other person that puts a gun to someone and a phone cord around someone’s neck saying you was playing the whole world would be on the same s**t as you guys I say prison like everyone else.. And really the Kardashians only in America people watch that s**t get a real life without Television and a real job let’s see if you guys can handle that. That’s what you call REAL LIFE ….you guys are all just a joke 🙄not sorry..hagd 💋


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