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Kody and Robyn Brown spotted together at dinner, Sister wives fans bash their ‘love affair’

Robyn and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Robyn and Kody Brown came under fire for disobeying Kody’s strict rules and going out to dinner as a monogamous couple. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives fans had plenty to say when Kody and Robyn Brown were spotted having dinner together in a restaurant recently.

If Season 16 of Sister Wives has showed viewers anything, it’s that Kody was a stickler about implementing his strict pandemic rules upon his plural family.

The husband of three (since Christine’s split) and father of 18 went nearly a year without seeing some of his family members because of their refusal to abide by his rules.

However, Kody has already been labeled hypocritical when he was spotted recently with his fourth wife, Robyn, shopping at Victoria’s Secret without wearing face masks and when he traveled to Wyoming for Janelle’s mother’s funeral, potentially risking exposure to the virus.

Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn Brown spotted at Arizona restaurant

Now, Kody and Robyn have been spotted alone together in public yet again, this time at a swanky restaurant, and again without masks.

A Sister Wives fan recently took to Twitter where they shared a pic of Kody and Robyn going out to dinner in Sedona, Arizona on Wednesday night at the Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill.

Interestingly, Kody and Robyn’s dinner date fell on the eve of Kody and his second wife, Janelle’s wedding anniversary, and just days after Kody’s first wife Meri Brown’s 51st birthday.

“Look who I saw out to dinner in Sedona last night,” the tweet read, along with the photo of Kody and Robyn seated at their booth.

In the pic, Robyn and Kody faced each other in what seemed to be mid-conversation as they sipped champagne and beer, as the eyewitness noted in the comments.

“I thought they said early on the show they didn’t drink alcohol. Am I wrong?” the Twitter user asked. “Because they had champagne and he had a beer.”

a sister wives fan saw kody and robyn at a restaurant and said they were drinking alcohol
Pic credit: @MammaMay3312/Twitter

According to the Sister Wives fan who spotted Kody and Robyn, the duo was also acting like a romantic couple and wasn’t exactly thrilled about being approached by a fan of the show.

When another commenter asked how Kody and Robyn acted together, the Twitter user replied, “They were very snuggly and lovey. [I] briefly talked to them to say I was a fan and they looked at me like I was an idiot.”

Sister Wives fans bash Kody and Robyn Brown for spending time alone, not following Kody’s protocols

Many of the comments on the tweet noted that Kody and Robyn seemed as though they are a monogamous couple and pointed out that they were without masks, defying Kody’s strict rules.

a twitter user spotted kody and robyn brown at a restaurant and said they weren't very friendly
Pic credit: @MammaMay3312/Twitter

“Zero respect for either one of them,” commented one Sister Wives fan on the tweet. “It’s as if they’re having their own love affair.”

Another wrote, “And without masks!!! Where is his list now?!”

sister wives fans comment on twitter about kody and robyn spotted out to eat together
Pic credit: @MammaMay3312/Twitter

Many Sister Wives fans have long believed that Robyn’s motive for joining the family in 2010 was to push out Kody’s other three wives in an attempt to become his sole wife.

With the way Kody’s relationships with Meri, Janelle, and Christine are going, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he and Robyn were living as a monogamous couple after all.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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  1. He could be driving away the other older women in the harem because, maybe he is going to bring in some new younger mistresses. That adulterous 2nd marriage with Robyn, is going to end soon when he finds a younger woman and decides to make her queen bee by marrying her and divorces Robyn.

  2. He is not taking on any other wives for various reasons. Kody is aging at a fast pace and cannot carry on a plural sexual relationship with four women. The guy is not appealing at all. In fact, he is pretty repulsive. If you read the reports about their financial situation, Kody and Robyn are facing some serious financial problems that a reality show on TLC cannot supply enough money to resolve all their financial woes. These two people have not held down a job for years but have taken out around $200,000 in loans. The houses will never get built. Also, the majority of Kody’s children will fly the nest and settle elsewhere.

    • Totally agree merino should never have divorced kody ! He only has eyes for Robyn and if the other wives cannot see that and we can it’s sad! Kody is a narcissist man selfish and only now knows polygamy doesn’t work it’s not meant to !

  3. Keep the show flowing so you don’t have to get a real job, where someone might have to control you. The show is burnt out as much as your hair and personality Kody. Take Robin run off,, your not interested in the other ladies anyway and let them get someone decent who doesn’t have all the ego problems you do. Hope you wore your mask when you got your little perm to cover your male baldness problem

  4. Kody is in this now for one person and that is Robyn! It is apparent he has had a motive since legally marrying her! The other three wives don’t matter! That’s why he lives with Robyn! He is using the pandemic as an excuse! Shane on him for not being present at his daughter’s spine surgery! He is rude to Christine, Meri and Janelle! Those three are strong and can make it without him and Robyn is weak and needs all his attention and he is dumb enough to devote all his time with her! He has failed three others and their kids. I hope all three of those women leave! Kudos to Janelle for standing up to him! He’s nuts with this pandemic and his rules! Might as well live in a bubble! Plus letting a nanny come into his and Robyn’s home? How do they know where or if the nanny is lieing about where they have been! Yep and there you go the nanny contracted covid and exposed that house hold! So who was doing things right now Kody??? Oh yeah, Christine, Meri and Janelle!!!

  5. Omg! let them be, nothing wrong with going out having dinner and drinks smh, that on tv is from when covid started, smh move on and let them have some time away from kids.

  6. It’s time for this show to be canceled. I cant stand cody anymore..if he didnt demand they uproot from vegas go to AZ they still would be a family and financially sound. Robyn’s behavior is disgusting, little miss innocent. Cancel the show.

  7. Omg people. Lighten up on the Robyn bashing. Grow up and put yourself in this polygamous family. I would never have been okay with the idea of having sister wives. Hell, I would’ve left. All wives made and will make their own decisions for their future. Everyone and no one is to blame for the deterioration of these splits. They all have their shortcomings.

  8. So, so happy he is being exposed for the nasty, toxic human being he is. He has abused all three of those women for years.Robin appears, he divorces Meri for Robin. Marries her legally and adopts her kids was the red flag then. Robin was jealous of his relationships with Christine and Janelle and spending time with his older kids. Little by little she is chipping away at getting Kody all to herself. What these women saw in him is beyond me. He is a gross pervert who’s controlling and used everyone one of them. I don’t see Coyte Pass happening for Janell or Christine at this point. His followers have woken up and they just don’t trust or believe in him or her anymore. Cry Robin all you want now. She has hurt and destroyed what time he had with his other kids for her own selfish reasons. Christine has blown the top off his master plan of what he thought would happen. Why would Janelle and Christine want to live in a loveless marriage and live in a home he will never stay at. Kody is going down and he did it all to himself. Hope Robin will live happily ever after with a psycho who will bring her down and get tired of her sexually too!

  9. I really wish that especially that Meri to pack her bags and keep walking. As well as the other wives. It’s funny Kody got Robin and literally pushed his other wives away. One by one..

  10. Robyn didn’t want to be his only wife, unless there’s something financially beneficial for her if she is. Robyn just wanted to be his favorite wife and get all the percs that come with it.

  11. He is an asshole he only wants someone he can control. So glad the other ones are seeing the light. Also he just wants their money. Have you ever seen him work? Of course not. The rules don’t apply to him.


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